• December 6, 2023

Unprecedented Migration Crisis Continues as the White House Must Replace Disenfranchised Americans

 Unprecedented Migration Crisis Continues as the White House Must Replace Disenfranchised Americans


Ask the why question five times to any complex problem and you get to the core of the matter.

Why is the Biden administration allowing tens of thousands of illegal aliens, aka ‘migrants’, to cross the southern border every day?

The answer is not complex.

Because the Biden administration wants tens of thousands of illegal aliens to cross the southern border every day.

If they didn’t, they wouldn’t.

The question is not why are they crossing, the question is why does the White House want them to cross?

A person of reasonable disposition would recognize that a corrupt and illegitimate administration, installed by an apparatus of government, is not really calling the shots.

As the Twitter Files have shown, albeit filtered as they are, U.S. candidate Joe Biden was installed by the collective weight of an intentionally manipulated information control operation, run and influenced by the United States intelligence community.

The installation itself sets the cornerstone for the understanding of every action that flows from it.

In general terms, the daily number of the inbound aliens must necessarily exceed the daily number of the American people who awaken to accept they are being victimized by the installed apparatus.

If 10,000 more Americans are negatively impacted every day and as a result awaken every day to the internal corruption, it only makes sense -from the perspective of the people in control- that 10,000 plus one is needed as replacements to retain stasis.

The scale of the inbound population must match the scale of the loss of support for the regime that exists amid the current population.  In the larger measure that sets the forward looking standard for the influx.

If fewer people were inbound than the number awakened, the regime remains under threat.  It’s a math issue.

Consider the 30,000 ft mindset of a Fabian socialist, or an ideology based on fundamental change, the threat is always a growing numerator.  The denominator must expand to compensate for the growing numerator.

Now, keep history of the Solidarity movement at the forefront of thinking.  In the U.S. example the numerator is awakening Americans and the denominator is the U.S. workforce.


Part 2 – Why Curation of Twitter File Release #8 Was So Important – The 2011 BETA Test Went Live in 2020

By now everyone is aware of the U.S. intelligence community relationship with social media.  Factually, and not surprisingly, dozens of former IC officials are still currently working in Twitter and hundreds more are identified working inside Facebook.  This is the overlay to the second part of why Twitter File Release #8 was so carefully curated.

In Part 1 [Go Deep Here], we walked through President Obama’s use of social media during the 2010/2011 ‘Arab Spring.’  This was the origination of the U.S. government using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms as tools to accomplish their strategic objectives.

In Part 1 we also walked through specific examples of identical ideology and specific actions displayed in the 2011 elections (Egypt), and 2020 elections (USA). The similarities are not coincidental, and we left off by saying 2011 was the BETA test for what we saw in 2020.

The term “BETA test” implies a test run where lessons are learned and then later applied to the live version.  In this outline we are going to show exactly what the main lesson from the test was, and how that learning applied to the 2020 election.

The use of social media to install Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was successful.  However, the Obama administration ran into a problem in the aftermath.


Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelenskyy Hold a ‘Tin Cup’ Press Conference

Joe Biden representing the USA and Volodymyr Zelenskyy representing the proxy state of Ukraine, will hold a joint press conference today at 4:30pm EST.

Zelenskyy has arrived in the U.S. with demands for an additional $45 billion in cash and modern missiles.

UPDATE: Video Added


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