• April 19, 2024

Unraveling the Many Layers of Pride

 Unraveling the Many Layers of Pride

By The Sharp Edge

It’s easy to see that the culture war taking over the West, under the banner of pride, represents much more than diversity, equity, inclusion, sexual preference, or gender identity. Unraveling the many layers of pride may reveal how much deeper it goes.

Social Engineering

On the surface, it’s clear that we have been inundated with pride propaganda from every angle. Though the symbol of pride claims to represent the marginalized and oppressed, this cultural revolution has the full endorsement of nearly every mainstream media outlet, social media site, major corporation, financial institution, government agency, intergovernmental organization, medical establishment, and educational institution.

This synchronized operation claiming tolerance for outsiders, has relentlessly forced its way into every aspect of society with zero tolerance for criticism of the established narrative, effectively creating a new class of outcasts. Those who dare to diverge from acceptable groupthink are marked as “hateful,” “homophobic” or “transphobic.” A campaign so coordinated can only be described as social engineering designed to program and indoctrinate the population into compliance and conformity, particularly for the most vulnerable among us – the children.

Source: @DaveAtherton20, TwitterElementary school in Vancouver held a pride parade today where staff and students marched waving progress pride flags.

Homeschool your kids! pic.twitter.com/Eo3EV4zCmc

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