• June 10, 2023

Unreal: Secretary of State Blinken Deletes Tweet on Hong Kong Democracy to Appease His Chinese Overlords

That didn’t take long.

The Biden administration is now openly bowing down to the Chinese overlords.  It’s not just General Milley, they’re all China bootlickers.

Secretary of State Tony Blinken deleted a tweet this week to appease his China master.

Blinken’s first tweet was a forceful condemnation of the Chinese Communists trampling of individual rights and democratic norms in Hong Kong.

State Department Spox Ned Price posted the same tweet on Thursday.

Beijing should let the voices of all Hong Kongers be heard. The PRC’s disqualification of district councilors only weakens Hong Kong’s long-term political and social stability. We stand with the people of Hong Kong & continue to support their human rights & fundamental freedoms.

— Ned Price (@StateDeptSpox) September 16, 2021

But the administration’s Chinese overlords were upset with the tweet so Tony Blinken removed and replaced it with a watered-down version.

The PRC’s disqualification of seven pro-democracy district councilors undermines the ability of people in Hong Kong to participate in their governance. Governments should serve the people they represent. Decreasing representation goes against the spirit of Hong Kong’s Basic Law.

— Secretary Antony Blinken (@SecBlinken) September 16, 2021

This is the Secretary of State of the United States bowing down to the Chi-coms. This is who is leading the US today.

Steve Bannon was right. Elections have consequences and stolen elections have devastating consequences.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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