• May 23, 2024

Unrest in America

 Unrest in America


By Frank D. Lovell American Patriots

Free State of Florida

Unrest in America

Think about the SC censorship case alleging the govt influenced social media to diminish the posting of any issue the govt doesn’t agree with, even having a ban implemented against those who provided this info.

I see a simple solution, why doesn’t the govt just issue communications from its agencies, social media, etc. explaining to Americans what the truth is. After having the info from both sides Americans can make a logical decision as to which side they support. That is pure Free Speech & democracy at work because of an informed public. However, the govt can’t do that because the truth doesn’t support their positions. One reason the Senate voted down the Mayorkas impeachment, last thing they want is an open public forum presenting evidence.

The basic core of the LGBTQ+ movement is that …’all persons deserve equal rights.’ The reality is we all are equal in our Rights. The problem is one side feels the need to infringe upon the Rights of others to create the existence of a new Right for themselves, which is not only unconstitutional it’s illogical.

I remember a time when we had a ‘gay movement’ in America. That was about equality in employment, housing, social settings, etc. They were right to complain, it was about the equality of their lives in a Constitutional Republic called America & because of that issue America moved closer to a ‘more perfect union.’

We need the LGBTQ+ ‘movement’ to come forward with the evidence that they have Fewer Rights than others. Also, that their efforts do not infringe upon the rights of others. The clearest example is with men in women’s sports. Think of all the Rights that girl/woman has lost because someone demanded a Right to infringe in their life absent logical reasoning. They are also being funded by those intent in creating unrest in America.

Does anyone remember the 1968 Democratic Convention riot in Chicago? Well, I believe another one is coming this year in Chicago when the Democrats meet. For you who don’t know about It, to sum it up, it wasn’t good for America.

We started with free Palestine, now it’s turned into supporting Hamas. It’s so sad these people don’t have a clue about the Middle East & are being manipulated with the intent to create unrest in America. Be mindful of who financially supports these protestors, the Democrats & international terrorists & enemy nations of America. Hamas is the one enslaving the Palestinian people, they rule over them, & they murder them if they don’t obey if you want to free the Palestinian people, remove Hamas.

While Israel intends to do just that ‘this govt which is responsible for the enrichment of Iran’ wants them to refrain. As an American, I am quite concerned over this ‘policy’ of not supporting Israel in its efforts to establish Safety & Freedom in the Middle East. Protesting & chanting death to Israel & America is not free speech, it is hate speech & violates our laws they should be arrested, prosecuted & a non-citizen should be deported, but a blue state won’t do that. I do give a thumbs up to Columbia University for calling in the NYC police to assure safety on their campus. However, the problem goes much deeper & will never be resolved until the universities do away with their Diversity Equity Inclusion elements.

Everything being done in America is to create unrest, divide & conquer, this govt fears an informed unified America. However, an informed public is what they are getting, every day more & more Americans are realizing this govt acts against their best interest & every day we move closer to an election. The more people are lied to the more they want a change in govt.

Now more than ever America needs your vote, mail it in, vote early, your one vote is the foundation for millions of others to follow. Do your part to let America’s voice be heard loud & clear.

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