• February 21, 2024

UPDATE: Reckless Driver Who Crashed into Biden’s Motorcade Identified and Charged with DUI

 UPDATE: Reckless Driver Who Crashed into Biden’s Motorcade Identified and Charged with DUI

Credit: the Daily Mail

The Gateway Pundit reported last night a silver copper sedan collided forcefully into a parked SUV belonging to Joe Biden’s motorcade. While Biden and his wife Jill escaped unharmed, Joe was visibly shaken by the incident.

He was then rushed into an armored SUV. Secret Service agents also drew their weapons on the driver of the car who crashed into Biden’s motorcade.

BREAKING: A car crashed into part of President Biden’s then-stationary motorcade a short time ago in Delaware.

Secret Service pulled weapons on the driver.

Thankfully, President Biden and the First Lady are okay. pic.twitter.com/fr0gWQucjH

— Chris D. Jackson (@ChrisDJackson) December 18, 2023

Following the event, a photograph of the driver responsible was released. Secret Service members were seen communicating with the individual operating the vehicle involved in the crash.

BREAKING NEWS: It was a negro that crashed into Joe Biden’s motorcade. He appears to be confused. pic.twitter.com/iW009aMWNb

— Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives (@dom_lucre) December 18, 2023

The shocking crash opened up a range of possibilities, from a drunk driver to a potential assassination attempt. Now, we have an official answer and the identity of the perpetrator.

As the Daily Mail reported, Wilmington police charged 46-year-old James Cooper with driving under the influence.

The sitting “president” was put in danger because an idiot had too much alcohol in his system and decided to get behind the wheel of a car.

Wilmington police released the following statement to the Daily Mail:

Following our investigation, Wilmington Police have determined that this was an accidental collision and have charged the driver of the striking vehicle – a 46-year-old Wilmington man – with Driving a Vehicle Under the Influence of Alcohol and Inattentive Driving.

Unbelievably, Cooper was released from custody last night despite being involved in an incident that could have killed the current White House occupant. He has been issued a summons to appear in court at a later date.

A car collided with part of Biden’s parked motorcade tonight in Wilmington — it just rammed into an SUV that had closed

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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