• May 20, 2024

URGENT: Biden launches ad blitz ahead of visit

 URGENT: Biden launches ad blitz ahead of visit
McSally for Senate

Democrats have admitted that Arizona is the key to the Senate Majority and the White House. Joe Biden’s campaign manager even said, “if we win Arizona, we will win the presidency.”   

Now, Joe Biden is coming to Arizona, and ahead of his visit, he launched a MASSIVE ad blitz. He’s running more ads in Phoenix, Arizona than any market in the nation!

We set a goal to raise $1OO,OOO before Joe Biden lands in Arizona so we can repel his attacks and keep Arizona RED! Can you help? Pitch in to our NEW Battleground Fund to help hold the Senate and the White House.

My opponent has endorsed Joe Biden and was endorsed by his running mate Kamala Harris. He will be expecting a HUGE boost with this visit.

We are less than 2 months from Election Day, and millions will be added to my opponents’ war chest with Joe Biden’s visit. Can you help me fight back? Donate ANY amount to help me reach this important goal!

We are hanging by a thread right now. We’ve been outraised and outspent, but this race is still a dead heat. Democrats think this last-ditch effort can turn this battleground blue. We need to send a LOUD message and show we’re ready to fight!

Don’t be a bystander this election. This is the top battleground and if you don’t defend this must-win state, Democrats will have a path to taking the White House and Senate. Pitch in now to stop a liberal takeover and help us reach our $100K goal!

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Martha McSally

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