• April 15, 2024

US Media Partners with Progressives to Destroy the USA

 US Media Partners with Progressives to Destroy the USA

We are losing our country, and it is so severe that if Republicans don’t win the House, Senate, and presidency, it’s not likely we will have a country. The media is a partner in the collapse of America.

The media and the progressive Democrat party are one. They are the progressives ruining our nation.

The Media Is Progressive and Dead, So Is This Government

They have opened our borders to millions of new Democrats. They are letting in anyone who wants to come into the country. That includes criminals, terrorists, the mentally ill, and deadbeats. They followed it up by calling for immediate amnesty. That way, they have their permanent electoral majority and total power over us – what we do, eat, see, hear, and say.

Democrats don’t care that criminals are pouring into the country. They protect criminals by giving them sanctuaries and not deporting them. They’ve taken away all disincentives to illegal immigration and have halted deportations almost completely. They won’t allow internal enforcement to any significant degree.

The figurehead president is the perfect foil for the Marxists.

The president is destroying the underpinnings of our energy sector and planning our total reliance on electrification. If we only do electrification, we will wholly rely on Chinese Maoists for survival. They have control of the minerals and make the parts for solar and windmills with slave labor. That’s their no-compete clause.

The media-government progressives constantly use law enforcement to win over their criminal voting bloc by calling for defunding police or denigrating them.

The president routinely stands before America and the world and condemns half the nation for wanting to make America great. He calls us racists, homophobes, and terrorists. They hate Trump for his agenda, not his personality.

Every bill they pass takes freedom away from Americans. They hate free speech, Republican protests, privacy, self-defense, and everything traditional. They tear down our heroes and statues and teach our children anti-white, anti-American hate; in a bizarre move, they sexualize our children.

The weaponization of government is key to the new government they are inflicting on us. All the blatant corruption in government agencies is ignored.

Where is the media? They are promoting all of it or ignoring it! The media is dead, and we need to pull the plug. There’s no hope.

One Good Example

In this clip, Rob Schmitt gives an instance of the media lying by omission, deliberately missing the lede of FBI corruption.

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