• February 22, 2024

US Red Sea Operation Is Imploding As Attacks Spread to India

 US Red Sea Operation Is Imploding As Attacks Spread to India

Houthi attacks have spread to India, and the coalition to protect commerce is imploding. This is a very dangerous world with a weak United States.

Operation Prosperity Guardian in the Red Sea has practically collapsed as France, Spain, and Italy have all announced their withdrawal from the U.S. command structure for the operation, with the three nations stating they will only conduct further Maritime Operations under the command of NATO and/or the European Union and not the United States.

Another success by Joe Biden and his handlers!

Operation Prosperity Guardian is a multinational security initiative in the Middle East to help protect merchant ships in the Red Sea area from drones and missiles. The ships are continuously attacked and can’t protect the Red Sea like this. The effort just came into being on December 18th, and it’s already a disaster under Progressive Democrat rule.

As of mid-December, Houthi rebels in Yemen had launched at least 100 attacks with one-way drones and ballistic missiles, targeting 10 merchant vessels that represent more than 35 different nations.

Oct. 19 2023, USS Carney, US Navy credit- MC2 Aaron Lau:U.S. Navy
Instead of waiving sanctions on Iran and pretending they are not involved, it is long past time to punish Houthis and Iran.

One Houthi attack near India came from the “likely vicinity of IRIS Alborz.” It is an Alvand-class frigate of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy. Iran is directly involved. They are making us look very weak as Biden continues not to respond.

This could turn into another Afghanistan.



The drone attacks have spread to India.




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