• July 14, 2024

Victor Davis Hanson Slams the ‘Baffling’ Ruling in the E. Jean Carroll Case Against Trump

 Victor Davis Hanson Slams the ‘Baffling’ Ruling in the E. Jean Carroll Case Against Trump

Conservative historian and scholar recently wrote about the E. Jean Carroll ruling against Trump, taking special aim at changes in New York law that took place prior to the case and pointing out that this is just one piece of the endless lawfare the left is aiming at Trump.

Hanson calls the case ‘baffling’ and notes the inconsistencies in Carroll’s story.

Hanson put his thoughts in a lengthy post on Twitter/X:

The civil suit serves as a mere preview of four additional leftwing criminal prosecutions, leftwing judges, and leftwing juries to come—all on charges that would never had been filed if Trump either had not run for president or been a liberal progressive.

Yet here we are.

The E. Jean Carroll case is the most baffling of all five. She, the alleged victim, did not remember even the year in which the purported sexual assault took place, nearly three decades ago. Observers have pointed out dozens of inconsistencies in her story.

It was never clear what were the preliminaries that supposedly (Trump denies meeting her) led both, allegedly, willingly to retreat together to a department store dressing room, where during normal business hours the alleged violence took place.

Moreover, the sexual assault complaint came forward decades post facto—and only after Trump was running for and then president.

Hanson gets into the background of how we got here:

In 2022, a new law (“The Adult Survivors Act”) was passed in the New York legislature. It also post facto established a twelve-month window (beginning six months from the signing of bill) that permitted survivors of long ago alleged sexual assaults suddenly to sue the accused long-ago perpetrator—regardless of the previous statute of limitations.

That unexpected opening suddenly gave Carroll’s prior unsuccessful efforts a rebirth. And she quickly refiled with the help of arch-Trump hating billionaire Hoffman.

Yet the bill may have been introduced with Trump particularly in mind—given the legislator who introduced it, Brad Hoylman-Siga, was known as another Trump antagonist.

The media continues to pretend that this is all legitimate but most people, including many Democrats, know that it is

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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