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Vigil For Slain UGA Student Laken Riley Draws Thousands

 Vigil For Slain UGA Student Laken Riley Draws Thousands


Brittany M. Hughes | February 29, 2024

A vigil for slain University of Georgia student Laken Riley drew a massive crowd that spanned as far as the eye could see Thursday, reportedly numbering in the thousands.

The celebration of Riley’s all-too-short life comes even as President Joe Biden – whose open-border policies allowed Jose Ibarra to come into the country before he allegedly bludgeoned the UGA nursing student to death last week on her own school’s campus and dumped her mutilated body in the woods – touched down in Brownsville, Texas for a photo op at the non-existent Southwest U.S. border.

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Riley’s murder sparked national outrage over the White House’s policies that have allowed millions of illegal aliens, the vast majority of them unvetted and unknown, into the country over the past three years after Biden ended Trump-era policies that had kept many migrants from being allowed into the U.S. In addition to Riley’s murder allegedly at the hands of an illegal alien from Venezuela, a rash of migrant crime has garnered nationwide attention, including the arrest of a 15-year-old migrant in New York City who recently shot a woman in the leg during an attempted robbery in Times Square. Days later, another recent border crosser was arrested in Virginia for sexually assaulting a child, while yet another was arrested in Louisiana for raping a young teen and stabbing another person in unrelated incidents.

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