• July 22, 2024

Voters Beware!

 Voters Beware!

Frank Lovell Author for Conservative Choice Campaign


Frank D. Lovell
American Patriots
Free State of Florida


The Forward Party promotes ‘rank choice voting’. This means a less favorite candidate could win the vote over a more favorite candidate, the person with the majority vote can lose in the end. This happened in the Alaska Senate race where a candidate was ahead of an incumbent until the voting went to the 2nd round when the votes for a failed 3rd candidate were added to the incumbent’s vote who ended up winning.


It allows one person to vote four times for different people running for the same office. You vote for candidates 1, 2, 3, & 4 in your order of preference, the candidate with the lesser number of votes is eliminated & your vote for that person is awarded to your second-choice candidate, meaning you voted for that person twice. This keeps happening in rounds until there are only two candidates left, and the one with the most votes wins, it violates the” historic one person, one vote” rule.


This form of voting, which a few states have adopted, could in time threaten the Electoral College which is a safeguard given us by our Founders in the Constitution preventing the more populated states from controlling federal elections leaving the less populated states without a voice in the voting process. Each state appoints electors to the Electoral College who then cast votes for the president & vice president, the first candidate to get 270 of the 538 total electoral votes wins the White House. This assures that voters in every state have input into federal elections, lose this & the country will be controlled by states like California & New York etc.


I am not one to question the wisdom of our Founders, they created this safeguard for very good reasons & we should never take it upon ourselves to alter that safeguard. Voting is the essence of our control over govt & we must be extremely cautious when it comes to that process. When we protect the voting process, we protect our Liberties & we should never take that lightly.


The term RINO which is explained as ‘insufficiently loyal to the party’…..It’s not a party they must be loyal to, it’s America they must be loyal to. Also, we must stop the usage of RINO to describe other Republicans, first, it’s divisive & second, it is unnecessary. The American people will decide based on the representative’s history of voting & other communications whether they are patriots & should remain in the party.


I think that’s all the American people care about at this point, does this person understand & support this Constitutional Republic? If so, that’s all they need to decide their vote & support. Maybe some Republicans just don’t know about our Founding history, its intent, and protections, all intended ‘to form a more perfect union.’ That has always been the mandate of every American & should be the driving force of every politician.


Remember the common response to Hunter Biden questions, ‘Can’t comment on that, it’s an ongoing investigation’. Well, that’s over, he made a deal so now let’s ask all those questions & demand the production of all documents that led to the deal. Just what was it they investigated that resulted in this deal? We need to ask Congress to demand the Dept of Justice release this entire file. Just so the American people have more facts before them prior to voting in 2024.

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