• June 18, 2024

Weeding Out Distractions & Maintaining Focus: 4 Key Focal Points

 Weeding Out Distractions & Maintaining Focus: 4 Key Focal Points

Those wishing to destroy America, take away our freedoms,
and bring us to our knees, are carrying out multiple agendas simultaneously,
while creating mass scale distractions as they change policies and legislation
in the shadows. It is critical that people learn to weed out the distractions
and maintain focus on the key areas in which they can take action. It’s very
easy to get lost while following these distractions up stream, downstream, and around
the bends, into a never-ending flow of disinformation that they dangle to intentionally
suck you in. Controlling emotions while maintaining focus will cut a more
concise path.

Whereas it’s infuriating to witness the destruction, hear the lies, and feel this level of deception and betrayal, some of what is taking place is completely out of our control. This of course is not in reference to the nighttime protests that are providing cover for the riots. This is about the bigger picture, the long haul, and making change that lasts.

Unfortunately, the justice system has run amok for quite some time and bad actors have created and infiltrated institutions across the globe. Our voices are so important right now, but action needs to happen, and that action needs to happen at the local level, where it will actually make a dent. If there were ever a time to master how to utilize your energy for efficient time management, this is it.

With the exception of elections, aside from being a voice, many
things happening at the federal level are out of our control. We are observers,
and we can chase disinformation down rabbit holes all day long to expose it,
but what’s happening at local levels is where you can actually intervene and
make a real difference. It’s important to understand what is happening at the
federal level so that you are armed with the knowledge and can share it with
others, but if everyone were to focus on their communities, education system, city
council, mayors, sheriffs, and state representatives, we would be in the game. There
has been far too much neglect of action in those areas, and we are reaping what
we sowed.

Right now, many states have multiple badRead More

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