• April 15, 2024

We’re Suing Twitter and We Need Your Help

 We’re Suing Twitter and We Need Your Help


Center for American Liberty

Dear Fellow Conservative,

I’m not going to beat around the bush… we are living in a dystopian, tyrannical state.


My team at the Center for American Liberty has recently uncovered evidence of powerful elected politicians colluding with Big Tech corporations like Facebook and Twitter to de-platform and silence conservatives like you and me.


In other words, we’ve caught big government using tax-payer funding to silence their political opponents.


And if someone does not immediately stand up against this, the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution will become nothing more than meaningless words on a piece of paper.


That’s why we launched a lawsuit against Twitter, U.S. Senator Alex Padilla, and a handful of liberal elected officials for their state-sponsored plot to eliminate our First Amendment liberties – and we need your help to win.


Will you join us in our lawsuit against Twitter and Sen. Padilla and help defend the First Amendment?


Let me explain…


Like millions of Americans after the 2020 presidential election, conservative activist Rogan O’Handley took to Twitter to express his concerns about the dubious election procedures and skepticism of the results.

Center for American Liberty
Center for American Liberty
Center for American Liberty

Shortly after the election, many of Rogan’s tweets were removed by Twitter and his account was permanently suspended for “violating the government’s rules about election integrity.”


Hopefully, I don’t need to explain to you that censoring or de-platforming ANY American for their political beliefs or opinions is a gross violation of the First Amendment.


But it gets much worse…


When Rogan tried to figure out why he was censored, he found that bureaucrats working for then-California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, had explicitly instructed officials at Twitter to silence him.


You see, Alex Padilla was being considered to fill Kamala Harris’ vacated seat in the U.S. Senate – and he was afraid that Rogan’s tweets would hurt his image and chances of being appointed.


So, the office of Alex Padilla immediately instructed his press secretary to contact Twitter and shut Rogan up.

From: California Secretary of State Communications Department

To: Twitter

Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 at 12:31 PM


Hi, We wanted to flag this Twitter post:

Center for American Liberty

From user @DC_Draino. In this post user claims California of being a culprit of voter fraud, and ignores the fact that we do audit votes. This is a blatant disregard to how our voting process works and creates disinformation and distrust among the general public.

Twitter then flagged the post as misinformation, deleted it, and — a few weeks later — permanently banned Rogan from the their site.

Center for American Liberty

That’s why my team and I at the Center for America Liberty are suing Twitter, now-Senator Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State Shirly Weber, and a handful of other liberals for their involvement in this blatant assault on the First Amendment.


But the only way we can take on the deep pockets and deep connections of these tyrants is with the help of patriotic Americans like you.


Will you help us fund this critical lawsuit by sending a generous, tax-deductible contribution of just $25, $35, $50 or more to the Center for American Liberty today?


My name is Harmeet Dhillon.


Two years ago, I founded the Center for American Liberty with the purpose of protecting our First Amendment freedoms and civil liberties from being destroyed by today’s left.


We’ve taken on Governor Gavin Newsom in California when he unconstitutionally shut down small businesses, banned people from going to church, and kept millions of children locked up in their homes—out of school—during the pandemic.


We’ve taken on Antifa for viciously assaulting and nearly killing journalist Ando Ngo who exposed Antifa’s vile, anarchic plot to destroy the United States and turn it into a socialist utopia.


And now, we’re taking on Twitter, Sen. Alex Padilla, and others for colluding to eliminate Rogan O’Handley’s freedom of speech.


But as a non-profit organization, everything we do to defend our civil liberties is with the generous help of like-minded conservative patriots like you.


And this massive lawsuit is expected to cost us over $1,000,000.


After all, we are taking a multi-billion-dollar company, the state of California, and a handful of well-connected politicians.


So, can I count on you to help us stand up to Twitter and Senator Alex Padilla by making a tax-deductible contribution of $25, $35, $50 or more to the Center for American Liberty today?


I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the legal battle that will define our generation – and the future of our country.


Will we sit back and allow elitist politicians, billion-dollar corporations, and faceless government agencies to continue to trample our constitutional freedoms?


Or will we prove that WE, the American people, are still in control of our own lives?


Please join us in this critical fight to defend the First Amendment by contributing $25, $35, $50 or more to the Center for American Liberty today.



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Harmeet K. Dhillon

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P.S. For four years, leftist politicians and mainstream media figures would not let go of the bogus and unproven accusation that President Trump colluded with Russia to “steal” the 2016 election.  But now that there is clear evidence that a California elected official colluded with big tech to censor conservatives who wanted to comment on the 2020 election those same leftists are dead-silent. I am absolutely fed up with left’s hypocrisy, double-standards, and blatantly unconstitutional behavior. That’s why I’m urgently asking you to contribute $25, $35, $50 or more to the Center for American Liberty to help us fund our lawsuit against Twitter and Senator Alex Padilla. 

Center for American Liberty

Please consider supporting our efforts to defend our Constitution with a donation today.


The Center For American Liberty is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization created to fight against growing anti-free-speech and anti-civil liberties trends.

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