• July 14, 2024

WHAT A SHAME: Hollywood Panics as Box Office Sales Plunge to ‘Alarming Lows’

 WHAT A SHAME: Hollywood Panics as Box Office Sales Plunge to ‘Alarming Lows’

It’s still very early in 2024 but woke Hollywood is having a very bad year already. Box office sales are way down and show no signs of improving in the near future.

Perhaps audiences are tired of political lectures from leftists who despise everything about traditional America. Or maybe no one wants to see another tired superhero movie. How many Marvels movies are there now, anyway? Who can keep track?

This is a simple case of people voting with their wallets.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Box Office: Winter Grosses Hit Alarming Lows

Cinema operators might be wishing for their own atmospheric river storms right about now, at least figuratively speaking. Heading into the new year, long-range forecasts showed the box office facing a bad drought during the first two months of 2024, and they were unfortunately spot-on. The culprit? A sparse crop of new Hollywood studio titles as a result of production delays caused by last year’s strikes and a less-than-memorable class of year-end holiday holdovers to goose January’s bottom line.

Domestic box office revenue year-to-date of $581.2 million is running 43 percent behind the average haul during the same time period in 2016-19, when movie ticket sales clocked in as high as $1.08 billion, according to data provided by Comscore for Jan. 1-Feb. 4.

Of that, January clocked in at $513.6 million, compared to $599 million in 2023 (a breakout hit last year was M3GAN, with more than $83 million in ticket sales domestically, while Avatar: The Way of Water contributed more than $210 million). Outside of the COVID-era years, $513.6 million is the lowest showing for January in more than 25 years.

John Nolte of Breitbart News was writing about this collapse back in January:

“The business is broken,” far-left Bloomberg accurately reports of Hollywood. Of course, Bloomberg isn’t interested in reporting one of the primary reasons the industry is in trouble. I’ll get to that. But in the meantime, Bloomberg does get enough stuff right to enjoy that part of it…

And then we learn that there will be fewer jobs for people who hate us: “Even though unions secured huge victories,

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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