• February 28, 2024

WHAT A SHAME: The Democratic Socialists of America Are Going Broke, May Have to Lay Off Staff

 WHAT A SHAME: The Democratic Socialists of America Are Going Broke, May Have to Lay Off Staff

The Democratic Socialists of America, one of AOC’s favorite political organizations, is facing a serious financial crunch and may have to lay people off.

Who knew that socialists would have such a hard time managing funds? It looks like they finally ran out of other people’s money.

Of course, this could have something to do with the insane pro-Hamas demonstrations that many of their members have participated in in recent months.

The New York Post reports:

Democratic Socialists face seven-figure ‘crisis’ amid Palestinian support that may force dreaded layoffs of staff

The Democratic Socialists of America are red all over — with a financial situation so dire that some leaders are demanding job cuts and the layoff of staffers just like a corporate America entity, The Post has learned.

The DSA — which has led protests against Israel over the Jewish state’s retaliatory response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack — is deep in a seven-figure hole and desperately in need of a way to stanch the red ink, members acknowledge.

“We will cut $500,000 from staff-related expenses. We will first ask for volunteers from both director-level and bargaining unit staff to have their position cut and receive severance,” according to a proposal advanced by members of DSA’s National Political Committee affiliated with its Marxist Bread and Roses caucus.

“If necessary, we will then explore initiating lay-offs according to the DSA union’s contract,” the DSA officers said.

The situation appears to be a case of an organization that blindly seeks utopia and professes support of the working class clashing with reality — forcing it to have to balance a budget like the rest of America and even contemplate layoffs hated by labor unions.

More from FOX News:

“DSA is in a financial crisis and staff-related costs account for 58% of our total expenditures and 72% of our projected income,” DSA members Alex Pellitteri, Kristin Schall and Laura Wadlin wrote in the proposal.

“The current deficit will force us to make 7-figure

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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