• May 19, 2024

What can we do?

 What can we do?

Frank Lovell Author for Conservative Choice Campaign

What can we do?


Frank D. Lovell

American Patriots

Free State of Florida


The first to die for Liberty was Christopher Snyder an 11-year-old boy who was a member of the Sons of Liberty, shot dead by a customs officer firing his gun into a crowd of protesting people in the streets of Boston in 1770. They were just asking to be treated fairly & equally as was their right as British subjects. The Sons of Liberty was a loosely organized political organization essentially about the lack of representation in the British govt. just people looking to better their lives. However, the King soon displayed they were not equal subjects, which resulted in the long journey to Liberty.


What most call a Make America Great Again (MAGA) element in society which those on the left feel the need to consistently attack. Foremost is the fact many are not strictly a ‘member’ of MAGA. Many are just Americans looking to make their lives better regardless of politics. Many who have gone a step further to realize this is a point in history where people need to stand for the preservation of this Constitutional Republic, they are just Americans from all elements in our society preserving a quality of life as they know it. The left only sees the opposition to them as MAGA, they fail to realize much of the opposition is coming from the left as well, their actions are so severe that people are placing country over party, etc. What is known as MAGA & the Sons of Liberty have a lot in common, the effort to be treated fairly & better their life.


It seems to me whenever a natural disaster occurs its location is telling. If it is in a blue state, the fed govt performs perfectly to support the state as it should. However, if that disaster occurs in a red state that same support is greatly lacking. It seems to point the govt is biased against red areas when it comes to disaster relief. Now we have Maui Hi a blue area ignored by govt. Maui reduced its maintenance of the power grid to divert $ to green energy concerns ignoring its history of falling lines causing fires. Water management refused to supply water to the fire department & they failed to activate the community alarm system to notify residents of an emergency. So, when they say the fires were started by climate issues, the reality is the fires were caused by the Democrats ‘climate policies,’ & their failure to act responsibly causing people to die & suffer.


We now have US Attorney David Weiss appointed ‘special prosecutor’ over the Biden investigation. This is the same person who instructed IRS investigators not to investigate the Bidens, the one who allowed the statute of limitations to expire on two Hunter Biden investigations, the one who drafted the total immunity Hunter plea deal which a judge rejected. First, this appointment is illegal, a special prosecutor according to the law must not be employed by the government. Second, this move hinders the House investigation into the Bidens. Now the govt response to Congress will be they cannot release or discuss info because that matter is ‘under investigation’ it’s a very effective cover-up to prevent the further release of info before the 2024 elections. Remember the world-famous, wealthy comedy actor Charlie Chaplin, did ya know the Justice Dept accused him of being a communist, ended his career & drove him into exile? Many years later he was proven innocent, if an out-of-control Justice Department can do that to him, imagine what they can do to you. In 1971 the Washington Post journalists exposed the FBI’s practice of spying on American citizens, 52 years later nothing has changed, paying attention to history gives insight into the future.


The critical question is, who should be President & Vice President to preserve America? President is a no-brainer to me, for VP Vivek Ramaswamyso or SD Governor Kristi Noem. I trust Trump & Noem based on their proven leadership & Vivek for his vision of America, to continue our goal of creating ‘a more perfect union’ as our Founders declared so long ago, that is the leadership we need. By the way, the Dem party will turn on Biden, they know they can’t win with him, the problem they have is who can?


The recent summit between the US, Japan & S Korea is good for America, it reinforces our security in a dangerous area close to China. For once this govt has engaged in a policy that strengthens America, I just wish all their policies did that.


What we can do for America is contact everyone we know to make sure they are aware of what is happening in America. Contact all your representatives in govt to assure they are representing your concerns. It is critical that we have a lot of common sense in the 2024 elections.


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