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What Causes Gun-Related Violence?

 What Causes Gun-Related Violence?

Gen Z is an Contributor for Conservative Choice Campaign.com

Guns are just a tool people can use in the commission of a crime, they aren’t a cause of that violence. Instead, it is a confluence of a wide range of societal problems that is currently leading to violence in the US. Those societal problems lead to a weaker society. That is what causes gun-related violence.

What are those societal factors? What causes gun related violence? Well, just look at the graphic at the top of the page. That simple picture shows the problems facing American society that are causing gun-related violence.

Hearts Without God and Schools without Prayer:

Americans no longer have God in our lives, as Charles Murray wrote about in Coming Apart. The far-left has purged him from every institution where he used to be (other than the church). So, now kids and young adults are left to muddle through life without having learned biblical principles.

Biblical principles such as mercy, justice, humility, and industry used to guide this country forward. Now that they don’t, are you really surprised that things like mass shootings at schools continue to happen? To me that seems like common sense. We need to bring God back into daily life. The fact that he’s gone from it is part of what causes gun-related violence.

Homes Without Discipline:

Parents used to tell there kids what to do, and in doing so they molded them into better people. They taught them respect of nature through owning firearms and/or going fishing. Parents taught kids how to deal well with others and get along, like in How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Now, parents seem to let their kids do whatever is easiest. Stay inside and play violent video games rather than go outside and go fishing. Bicker with their classmates rather than get along. Harbor resentment rather than fight it out or get over it.

And the result is an angry generation that neither goes outside and enjoys the country nor gets out of bed and builds something. Kids have no discipline. That is yet another part of what causes gun-related violence.

Courtrooms without Justice:

Courtrooms are no longer just. Neither the courts of law nor the courtroom of public opinion sufficiently punish the negative influences on society. Offenders are given small slaps on the wrist and let off without a problem.

The two most egregious examples of that are Antifa and illegal immigrants. Democrats refuse to condemn either group. They refuse to condemn Antifa and don’t understand the problem with illegal immigration, so they refuse to condemn those violent, armed invaders. Courts let illegal immigrants off without a hitch, and refuse to even prosecute Antifa terrorists like the ones that attacked Mr. Ngo in one of the latest Antifa attacks.

Courtrooms are no longer just, and as a result our society is collapsing, which is yet another part of what causes gun-related violence. Criminals are back on the street and are able to arm themselves (as I discussed in “Criminals Break the Law” and “Criminals and Gun Control Laws“). As a result, gun-related violence in many cities is very high. That isn’t because of guns, as the lying gun control lobby says, but rather because criminals are left on the streets.

Courtrooms should be just and lock up offenders. That would help solve the supposed “gun-violence epidemic.” And, having pity on criminals, as do-gooder judges often do, is unjust, as Ayn Rand said. Courts should focus on justice for victims, not clemency for criminals.

Conclusion to “What Causes Gun-Related Violence?”

Guns are not the problem. They don’t lead to violence. Our failing and disappearing institutions are the problem and the major part of what causes gun-related violence.

Everything that used to keep society civil and just- the courts, parents, God, etc- is either failing or gone. The result is violence and hatred. We won’t solve that problem until we fix our institutions.

Hopefully, now you can better answer the “what causes gun-related violence?” question.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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