• April 18, 2024

What do we do?

 What do we do?

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

By Frank D. Lovell American Patriots

Free State of Florida

It seems Biden had issued an executive order to the Census Bureau to count all residents of a state including illegal immigrants in the census this year to decide how many House seats each state gets. This means the Democrats will be using the Census Bureau to utilize illegal immigrants to raise the number of political seats a state gets in Congress, another reason for the wide-open borders, to gain control of Congress. It also affects the Electoral College.


Recently we heard of a dire threat to America from Russia, everyone was in a panic hearing of this dire threat. I was a lil confused realizing every govt knows what the other is doing & what they are capable of, there are no secrets whether it be through spies or electronic surveillance. I was confused as to what this sudden dire threat could be. Then I wondered if the govt would do this to scare politicians into voting for the Ukraine aid bill. I heard how this info was drafted by the White House & given to Republicans for public release. Now it seems to be a threat to our satellites in space. It seems Trump was ahead of this in creating the official military addition called the ‘Space Force’ before he left office. It’s always good to be led by someone with insight.


I feel better with the change in the Republican National Committee Chairperson & the possibility of the co-chair being Laura Trump. This new RNC will concentrate on early voting, ballot harvesting (just like Democrats) & poll watchers to name a few. They will concentrate on grassroots efforts to reach the American voter. I already sent in my primary vote; we need to vote early by mail just like the Democrats. After you vote by mail, wait a while, go to your local Supervisor of Elections website & verify your vote was received. Standing in long lines only to be told the ‘voting machines’ are down does not help America.


I see Nikki Haley making her case for President & one thing I see missing is Trust. This election is all about who you Trust to do what they say they will do. The logical person would learn from history, Trump has already done in the past what he promises to do in the future, for Hailey it’s just a promise. Also, look at who is funding these candidates, you will discover Hailey gets funding from the left & that is a huge red flag. America cannot afford to make a mistake in this election, this is America’s last hope.


The major problem is how time-consuming it is to uncover facts of events in America. For instance, the history of social media & voting https://twitter.com/i/status/1758529993280205039 or the realities of our financial system https://archive.org/details/the-great-taking or the present dangers of illegal immigration https://youtu.be/jMGQIViYNw4?si=7Qsm8YkP7v6SHtev once you uncover the intent & purpose of past events you have a clearer understanding of present events allowing you to vote intelligently. I don’t sit & watch an hour-long video; I watch it in segments in between doing other things. You can either believe people who tell you from its inception social media was used to influence elections, the reality of our financial system, or the threat illegal immigration imposes on America, or you can find out for yourself, and then inform others.


Please understand, that most of what is happening in America didn’t start with Biden, it has been going on for decades. The only difference is now it has come to the surface where Americans can see & feel the results. The question now is, what do we do about it?

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