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What does human flesh taste like? Canadian teacher shows BBC video to Kids, faces Child Abuse charges in S. Korea.

 What does human flesh taste like? Canadian teacher shows BBC video to Kids, faces Child Abuse charges in S. Korea.

SCMP – An English teacher from Canada who showed a BBC documentary titled “What does human flesh taste like?” to a group of children as young as six, faces child abuse charges in South Korea.

Footage from surveillance cameras in the classroom shows shocked children burying their heads in their arms to shield themselves from the images in the BBC Earth Lab program, which was uploaded to YouTube in 2016.  In the video footage, which is almost four minutes long, the host of the show allows a medical professional to take a sample of flesh from his thigh for analysis and has the sample cooked. The host, Greg Foot, then smells the sample, saying its aroma is “a lot richer than pork or chicken” and that “it’s like beef and ale stew or something.” The video:

Is it child abuse? We will let the authorities sort that out in S. Korea, but it certainly was not appropriate to show this kind of material to six-year-olds. It’s part of this overall dehumanizing effort we see coming from the left and the anti-pro-life efforts. It is the cultural rot that has crept into our society. And it is global, though coming from many of the “developed” parts of the world.

Remember this story – Christian Post? Can we finally give the myth that an unborn baby is “just a clump of cells” a decent burial? Yesterday Eric Metaxas told you about a manipulative article from The Atlantic that heaps scorn on the pro-life movement’s use of ultrasound technology to show pregnant women and others the humanity of the unborn child. So humans are just a clump of meat, maybe we could even eat them – save us from eating animal meat – to protect the environment of course.

It does remind us of Soylent Green, a 1973 American dystopian thriller film – cumulative effects of overpopulation, pollution and the associated effects of global warming have caused severe worldwide shortages of food, water, and housing – “Soylent Green is people!” Another attempt to show how depraved humans can get – cultural rot.

So are you outraged by this, or laugh it off? Who are these people that talk about humans are just meat, dehumanizing our kids, ready to abort babies and throw them to the garbage – a cry of crisis and global temperature calamity coming – people are the problem. But … if you give power to these people they will save you from all this. Does this sound familiar? You know who we speak of.

We need to stand in opposition to this thinking, or one day you could become Soylent Green – how would you taste?

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