• July 20, 2024

What gives me hope

 What gives me hope


Last week was important to Americans as we reflect on how far we’ve come as a nation in our relationship to race.


I know that you and I agree that an America in which we see each other on the basis of character rather than skin tone, is the America we want for our children.


But sadly, we must also ask: can that be realized if our children are segregated and separated from each other based solely on their skin color?


One of the most disappointing elements of the ideology that has taken over so many classrooms across the country is teaching young students that skin color is their defining characteristic … that everyone is born either oppressor or oppressed … and that our great nation is inherently and irredeemably racist.


A recent example of this is a DC Elementary School, where they hosted race based affinity groups.


F.S Key Elementary School’s “equity team” sent an email on November 28th, 2021 with information about upcoming “affinity dialogue groups” for parents and caregivers, defined by the school as “brave spaces where everyone in that group shares a particular identity.”


The email makes it clear that the groups are not open to everyone; instead, they explicitly state that “only people who can speak from the “I” or “we” perspective with that particular group can be part of it.”


This isn’t an outlier incident. We hear about these types of incidents all the time…


We see it when schools segregate students by race for discussions on “social justice” and “white privilege.”


We see it when schools embrace the destructive tenets of critical race theory and “equity” which inevitably lead to division, distrust , and failure.


We see it when schools hire overpaid Woke, Inc. consultants to up-end educational goals and shame teachers and students for their alleged privilege.This vision of our children’s schools, nearly 60 years after the Civil Rights Act, is a sobering one…


But we have the power to change it.


Today and every day, we must work together to build a country that does not treat people differently based on immutable characteristics like skin color and gender. One of the ways to do this is by submitting an incident tip for PDE to research and bring to light.

It’s up to us to keep these leaders accountable and to teach the next generation the lessons and values that will help them succeed in the modern world — and to judge one another only on the strength and quality of their character.


For the dream of an America that doesn’t see others solely through the lens of race to be realized, these fundamental principles must be taught in homes and classrooms across the country — which is why Parents Defending Education will never give up fighting indoctrination in the classroom and promoting the restoration of a healthy, non-political education for our kids.


It’s up to you and me to help that goal to be realized! I have no doubt we’re up for the challenge.

Thank you for your continued support and for your commitment to true equality and justice for all our children.


Nicole Neily


Parents Defending Education



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