• April 15, 2024

What is At Stake For Israel — and America — In How the Gaza War Ends

 What is At Stake For Israel — and America — In How the Gaza War Ends


Israel has no choice: it has to continue to fight until Hamas is destroyed, and that means it must defy the Bidenites, who are trying to prevent the IDF’s entry into Rafah, where four battalions of Hamas fighters remain intact. If they are not destroyed, Hamas will still be standing, and in the eyes of the Arabs and Muslims, will thereby have emerged victorious. The Bidenites fail to understand this. Nor do they realize that a perceived victory by Hamas has consequences not only for Israel, but for the entire Western world. More on the present state of US-Israel relations can be found here: “The big chill sets in, once again,” by David M. Weinberg, Israel Hayom, March 31, 2024:

US-Israel relations are indeed at a watershed moment following the administration’s decision this week to abstain on (i.e., not veto) a rotten UN Security Council resolution that thoroughly delegitimizes Israel’s necessary and continuing war effort to eliminate Hamas in Gaza.

Next will be a long series of demonizing and criminalizing anti-Israel resolutions in UN agencies and international courts. (The Human Rights Council discussed four vicious reports on Israel this week and is to front several resolutions including a finding of “genocide” supposedly being committed by Israel against Palestinians in Gaza.)

Internationalizing the conflict and criminalizing Israel always was a central Palestinian strategy. Alas, US President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken are now acquiescing in this horrible scheme, in order to wedge Israel into their fantasy framework for a swift, dangerously indecisive, end to the Gaza war.

This includes a gambit for “revitalized” Palestinian statehood and a magnanimous soft deal with Iran that magically will make all regional wars go away, from Saana to Beirut and Rafah.

Like Obama, Biden and Blinken will be “unable to manage” or mount a defense of Israel if Israel does not bend to their will.

The big chill again coming from Washington is uncomfortable, but Israel has no choice but to resist. It is not an exaggeration to say that Israel stands at a moment of grand diplomatic inflexion, a pivotal moment with historical implications for Israel’s sovereignty and long-term security….

If Israel remains undeterred by American pressure (which is the only pressure it worries about), and dismantles the remaining Hamas forces in Rafah, it will win the Gaza war. And it will have done so while continuing to minimize civilian casualties. But not only that. The Jewish state will then be seen as the indomitable, unified, and resolute country that is a bulwark against fanatical Muslims who threaten not just Israel, but Europe, seen by Muslims as the “Rome” that they are foreordained to conquer. It is unlikely that the Bidenites can be made to understand this — for now. That’s too bad. But the Jewish state, even without the full-throated support of its American ally, will just have to soldier on.


  1. Wellington says

    Biden gets everything ass-backwards. As examples, America’s southern border, his idiotic war upon fossil fuels, renewing the exceedingly foolish Iran nuclear deal which Obama originated and which Trump thankfully ended, pushing the trans-gender rot ad nauseam (even on Easter Sunday), spending trillions of dollars with his stupid programs and which has spawned mega-inflation—and waffling on support for Israel.

    The man is execrable. He is a horror and an utter fool to the core of his being. But here’s the greater problem: millions upon millions of Americans are still ready to vote for this hollow man, this destroyer of so much, in 2024 for President. And thus, the real problem here is not Biden, who couldn’t even run a hardware store or a Dairy Queen, but all the lesser human beings who will vote for this nothing of a man to remain at the top of the greasy pole.

    We’re dumbing down. Everyone, and I mean EYERONE, who votes for Biden this year is evidence of just how much America has lost its way.

    Put another way, I have no respect for Joe Biden. AND, I have no respect for anyone voting for Joe Biden for President again for another, God forbid, four years.

  2. ࿗Infidel࿘ says

    I previously was rooting for Israel to end this quickly, and from a human standpoint, it’s still what I desire. But the political sadist in me actually wants this to drag out until November 5th this year, w/ Palestinian casualties peaking during October. That would exacerbate the divide within the Dems b/w the Alan Dershowitz crowd and the Rashida Tlaib crowd, and hopefully maximize the third-party defections from the Dems. The Dershowitz crowd can vote for RFK, as Dershowitz has indicated that he’s a good alternative, while the Tlaib crowd can vote for Cornel West, who’s the closest to them in being an anti-Semite

    Once that happens, this will become an election where even rigging won’t help the Dems. B’cos a lot of their foot soldiers may have defected to either Kennedy or West

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