• June 16, 2024

What is Democratic Socialism? Garbage

 What is Democratic Socialism? Garbage

Gen Z is an Contributor for Conservative Choice Campaign.com

If you’re like me, then you get easily annoyed when radicals on the far-left act like democratic socialism is the cure to all of society’s ills without even answering the all-important, “what is democratic socialism?” question. It, they say, will somehow solve the problems of poverty, disease, racism, crime, and the education gap. Of course, that’s all absurd, but modern socialists either don’t know or don’t care.

More importantly (in the short-term, at least), socialism, as many on the right and realistic left are quick to point out, is a violent ideology that always leads to gulags and the execution of dissidents. Recognizing that, communists like Bernie have re-branded their ideology; now it’s “democratic socialism.” You’re probably wondering, what is democratic socialism? Is it better than the “real socialism” of days past? Nope, it’s garbage.

Some of you might remember that I’ve already addressed this issue, to some extent at least, in a previous post on the similarity between socialism and democratic socialism. But, I think it’s worth saying again because no one outside of those, like me and the author of Gunpowder Coast, that frequently attack socialist sympathizers, seem to understand that.

An incredible number of young people support socialism. Perhaps even more than half! Even some people on the right, especially conservative college students, seem to be more amenable to democratic socialism than one would expect. That’s not to say they’re for it. But, they seem to think that it is less evil than the socialism of the 20th century. That view is described in-depth in the last section of Socialism Sucks, in which the authors speak with young socialist supporters in America; they overwhelmingly rejected the old-style socialism and support democratic socialism.

Unfortunately, that view is both wrong and dangerous. The real communism of days past is the same thing at its root as the democratic socialism of today. Nationalization of industry, income equality, and tyranny are the real nature of socialism. So, whatever modifying word you put in front- national, democratic, Soviet, etc- the base ideology is the same. One of compulsion, force, and misery. That won’t change just because modern socialists are far softer people (as you can tell by looking at pictures of Antifa terrorists) than their ideological forefathers in the 20th century.

America is at a crossroads. The government has seized huge power over our economy to combat the Chinese flu. Trump should reverse that government-enforced economic collapse immediately; America is a capitalist nation and there is no reason for the government to be intervening in what private businesses are doing. Capitalism is what makes America prosperous and is what has eradicated real poverty in America. Look at North Korea and then look at America. Or Venezuela. Or Cuba. Where would you rather live? My guess is America; that’s because we’re capitalistic and therefore have a strong economy and excellent living conditions.

What is democratic socialism? The same failure of an ideology as socialism has always been and always will be.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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