• February 21, 2024

What’s Going On? Pentagon Joins US House – Blocks Access to The Gateway Pundit Website: Report

 What’s Going On? Pentagon Joins US House – Blocks Access to The Gateway Pundit Website: Report

In a recent development, The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative websites in the country today, reported that its access has been blocked on networks within both the United States House of Representatives and the Pentagon.

On Thursday, sources from Capitol Hill informed The Gateway Pundit that attempts to access the website from the House network were unsuccessful.

A staff member from Congressman Paul Gosar’s office detailed ongoing access problems for the past two weeks.

“Wanted to notify you that I have been unable to access the Gateway Pundit on the House network for the past two weeks,” according to the email.

TGP Washington DC reporter Jordan Conradson contacted Rep. Gosar’s Communications Director, Anthony Foti, who confirmed that some government-issued computers used by Gosar’s staff displayed the error code seen above upon visiting our site. According to the individual who sent the aforementioned email, this also occurs on his government-issued laptop when connected to his home network.

Conradson was informed by an IT specialist associated with the House that a firewall is in place to filter out “unauthorized” sites as designated by the House Administration Office. Despite repeated attempts to gain clarity and official comment from the House Administrative Committee, responses remained elusive.

This is not surprising, as they have also refused to provide Conradson with press credentials to cover Capitol Hill since we applied nearly four months ago in August.

On Friday, Rep. Matt Gaetz acknowledged the censorship of The Gateway Pundit within the House. During his podcast, Gaetz stated that access to the website was blocked according to House policy and expressed his intention to investigate the matter.

Below is the transcript on his podcast:

The Gateway Pundit, a website that I read; they do breaking news, they do investigative reporting, they do opinion pieces, they publish op-eds. The Gateway Pundit is a great website. It’s a great source for analysis, and information, and opinion. Well, we went back to harvest the clip to show you on this program from the Gateway Pundit, and I have breaking news for you. The United States House of Representatives has blocked access for congressmen and congressional staff to the Gateway Pundit. 

That’s right. If you try to go to the Gateway Pundit, the website is blocked according to House of Representatives policy. So we’re going to fix that. I don’t know who thought that was an

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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