• May 27, 2024

What’s Going on with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts? Even Soros Cheered Roberts at Davos

 What’s Going on with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts? Even Soros Cheered Roberts at Davos

These past few weeks the dysfunction of the Supreme Court has come to a head.  The Court, led by Chief John Roberts, has removed itself from getting involved in the 2020 election. Something’s not right.

The manner in which Chief Justice Roberts runs the Supreme Court is a travesty.  It is corrupt.  He doesn’t uphold the rule of law, he breaks it.

A week ago the Supreme Court threw out the Texas case which more than 20 states joined in support.  This was the first case on the 2020 election based on its merits.  It was shocking that the three new Trump judges would not vote to hear the case.   This decision led legal legend Lin Wood to share the following tweet:

The People have list of questions for C.J. Roberts based on bizarre votes on major cases starting with Obamacare. But let’s ask him just two:

1. Are you the John Roberts on Epstein flight logs?

2. Did you say about @realDonaldTrump “the mother f#*ker would never be re-elected.”

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 18, 2020

Wood also tweeted about suspicions of Roberts’ adoption in Ireland:

U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts is corrupt. https://t.co/TMMMApfHsF

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 18, 2020

Turning down the Texas case was not the first questionable act made by Roberts. In October Roberts sided with Pennsylvania and allowed the state to count non- post-marked ballots three days after the election.  In June Roberts sided with the liberal judges over ending unconstitutional DACA.  During the garbage impeachment hearings Roberts refused to allow the name of the so called ‘whistleblower’ from being spoken out loud during the hearings.   In 2018 Roberts lashed out at President Trump for pointing out how insane, corrupt and unconstitutional the Obama judges are.  Roberts is a mess.

Jennifer Lawrence on Twitter pointed out the following about Roberts – that George Soros says he can count on Roberts:

1: Does anyone else find it strange that George Soros seems to think that he can count on John Roberts to help him destroy nationalism? Don’t take my word for it, here he is at Davos in January where he fanboys the Chief Justice, twice pic.twitter.com/twyTf8SWl1

— Jennifer Lynn Lawrence (@JenLawrence21) November 26, 2020

Roberts also sided against religious liberty:

2: Yesterday’s important ruling upholding religious liberty against the jew-hating Nursing Home Killer in my beloved New York sure seems strange considering the whole oath to the Constitution he took…. pic.twitter.com/5wHUEDVWX4

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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