• June 16, 2024

Where is the Truth?

 Where is the Truth?

by Frank D. Lovell

American Patriots Free State of Florida

The Hunter Biden issue is approaching a very interesting time. Special Council Weiss told the judge he plans to indict HB for the gun charge. Consider how the Democrats are on guns what will they do with a HB indictment? After all, they support gun laws & this charge is a direct violation of those laws, up to now they have failed to prosecute. The govt is in the spotlight & in a difficult position, Americans are watching & at stake is the upcoming elections.

We have an illegal immigrant who murdered in Brazil & crossed the border here. Convicted of murder in Pa & sent to prison from which he just escaped. I can’t express how dangerous he is to any community around him, if you believe in prayer now is the time to do so. We can thank Joe & those behind him for this border policy.

Now we have the evidence, masks do not work & closing schools harmed children. So why are the Dems pushing for another mask mandate? Yes, mandates seem to be another issue moving closer to us, something to think about in your future voting.

Are we clear on something? We use taxpayers $ to buy oil from countries that are our enemies who in turn invest that $ in upgrading their military. America can produce the cleanest energy in amounts exceeding a number of these enemy countries combined giving us energy independence to the point, that we can sell energy to allies enriching America’s wealth. In conclusion, this govt refuses to do that, think about this. A few years back Congress passed a law to drill for oil in the largest oil field we have in Alaska, Biden just canceled that drilling in direct violation of the law.

Our climate policy is simple, if you agree with the govt you receive govt grants for climate research. If you are one of the 1,600 scientists including a few Nobel prize winners who produced the evidence that our climate policy is a hoax & what we see are normal historical weather patterns, you receive no govt grants & no media coverage, that’s our climate policy.

I wonder what about our churches, why are they silent on what is going on in America & why does the FBI consider them a threat to the point they spy on them? As for Jan 6th, unless we clean up the Rep party, I can’t say there will be justice, but I am confident the truth will come out & Americans will know it was a govt plot to stop the election inquiries in several states. To win the election, they needed to shut Congress down & they did with the Jan 6th issue. We all need to contact our House members & demand they create a select committee to conduct a ‘real’ investigation into Jan 6th.

How can I sum up why I like Trump? Well, he can talk a car salesman into buying the car he is trying to sell you, that’s the person I want leading America plus I trust him to stay true to what he says he will do because he’s already proven he will. Also, he is the only one willing to go after the deep state which is the crux of our problems in America. The more they attack Trump & those around him the more we need him in office.

The one thing we need to realize, this isn’t about your typical political fight as in the past. This is about total control of a population which will result in the total control & destruction of a country. What we live through today is the battle of good vs evil & if you can’t believe that they win. Now is the time to flood the House of Representatives with communications demanding they stand up for America, it’s the only avenue we have left to maintain our Liberty. George Washington stated, “it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened.” Simply put Americans need to know what’s going on before they vote. Subscribe or access past stories on the Thinking Zone: https://fdlovell.wixsite.com/the-thinking-zone/home



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