• April 19, 2024

While Deranged Anti-Trumpers Dominate the News, The World Dumps the Dollar

 While Deranged Anti-Trumpers Dominate the News, The World Dumps the Dollar


While the world watches deranged Soros-bought DAs and AGs witch hunt for crimes to charge Donald Trump, the world is dumping the dollar. We could one day look like Venezuela with wheelbarrows of worthless cash. It was the Barack Obama dream. He wanted us to look like the rest of the world, especially the Third one.

Weaponizing SWIFT is destroying the dollar, along with our reckless monetary policies. It was predictable. The sentinel predicted it, and if the Sentinel knew, the administration knew. They did it anyway and told us ‘evil Russia’ would collapse. Russia did not collapse, and its future looks pretty good.

Last week, China and Brazil reached an agreement to settle trades in one anothers’ currencies.  India and China plan to trade in their own currency.

India and Malaysia have recently begun using the Indian Rupee to settle certain trades, and there have been perennial warnings about Saudi Arabia and other energy exporters moving away from the dollar. On that note, China also recently executed a test trade for natural gas with France settled in yuan.

American Institute for Economic Research says it’s not only the US’s weaponization of the dollar. It’s our abuse of it.

“It’s not just the conscription of the dollar in economic warfare, but increasingly error-fraught monetary policy regimes that are driving various interests away from the greenback. The monetary policy response to the 2008 financial crisis saw the dollar’s value whipped around unpredictably, and the response to the outbreak of COVID was even more frenetic. The massively expansionary response to the pandemic in 2020 was followed by an initially dismissive posture toward the outbreak of inflation, which reached four-decade highs before an aggressive contractionary shift in policy that destabilized precarious financial institutions was implemented.”

Tehran Times claims there is a global campaign. “A global uprising has begun to overcome the domination of the dollar, but the point to consider is that the wise leader of the revolution has been emphasizing the importance of this issue for years.”

At least 56 nations are looking to shed the dollar. Some see cryptocurrencies as a way out of the dollar—another dangerous boondoggle.


The Kenyan President warned his people to get rid of the dollar because it won’t be worth much. He is probably going to digital money. He said the market will be different in a couple of weeks.

“I am giving you free advice that those of you who are hoarding dollars, you shortly might go into losses. You better do what you must do because this market is going to be different in a couple of weeks.”  We think Kenya’s going digital.


It is no secret that the US Dollar is becoming less and less valuable by the day, losing its purchasing power at a rapid scale, and with the clear divide that has been created between the East and Western world due to the Russia-Ukraine war, many nations are growing sick and tired of the dollar and are now looking to dump it before it depreciates in value some more…

One measure President Ruto said the State is taking is finalizing an arrangement that will allow oil importers to purchase the commodity using shillings instead of dollars. Gas imports account for 30% of the country’s yearly import bill.

Deranged Politicians Are Destroying Democracy 
While the world watches the Manhattan DA arrest Donald Trump for a non-crime, they are dumping our dollar. Many are pushing freedom-robbing digital money.

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele says America has lost all arguments when it comes to the concept of democracy in the midst of the Trump indictment and arraignment.

Last week when it was announced that President Trump would be indicted, Bukele put out a statement via social media that stated, “Imagine if this happened to a leading opposition presidential candidate here in El Salvador.”

He later added: “Sadly, it’ll be very hard for US Foreign Policy to use arguments such as ‘democracy’ and ‘free and fair elections’, or try to condemn ‘political persecution’ in other countries, from now on.”

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