• April 20, 2024

White House Warns Fox News to Stop Covering Biden Corruption

 White House Warns Fox News to Stop Covering Biden Corruption



And the media is cheering it on.


I remember when White House Spokesman Ari Fleischer made an off-hand remark about what he thought was Bill Maher praising the Al Qaeda terrorists, suggesting that people should watch what they say, and we have spent years hearing about the Bush administration “terrorizing”, “censoring” and “intimidating” the press.

Bush was compared to Hitler and the incident still continues to be brought up today even as the Biden administration is fighting in court for the “free speech right” to censor political opponents on social media, and now the White House has fired off a letter to FOX News warning it to stop covering Joe Biden’s corruption.

The White House is formally calling on Fox News to walk back its coverage of bribery and corruption allegations against President Joe Biden.

In a letter sent to the right-wing network’s top brass this week, which has not been previously reported, Ian Sams, a top White House spokesperson, noted that the ex-FBI informant who was the source of the bribery claims has now been charged by federal authorities for allegedly fabricating the story.

“Despite this, Fox has taken no steps to retract, correct, or update its reporting on this false allegation from 2023,” Sams said in his letter to Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott, president Jay Wallace, and Washington bureau chief Bryan Boughton.

Despite media misinformation, Smirnov’s allegations were a late-arriving cherry on the cake in an investigation that involved IRS whistleblowers, business partners of Hunter Biden and extensive information from his own laptops.

Yet forget that for a moment.

Imagine the response if the Bush or Trump administrations had sent such a threatening letter to CBS News.

This isn’t even coming from the Biden campaign, a distinct organization, or any of the numerous leftist groups it has at its command, but from a special assistant to the president, with Anita Dunn cc’ed on it.

And the media is cheering it on.

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