• December 1, 2023

Why Mainstream Media Shifted The Narrative About The U.S. Capitol Protestors | Larry Elder

 Why Mainstream Media Shifted The Narrative About The U.S. Capitol Protestors | Larry Elder


Larry Elder with Epoch Times

Almost immediately after protesters stormed the US Capitol on January 6, the mainstream media shifted the conversation and screamed, “What would have happened if the protestors were black?” While most people worried about the safety of the house members and protection of the valuable property, playing the race card didn’t come to mind.

However, the mainstream media uses any situation to promote the narrative that police, and by extension America, remain systemically racist. In this episode, Larry debunks the ridiculous narrative and explains how the Democrat party is completely antithetical to the best interest of the Black community. === Mentioned Videos: MSNBC : ‘You opened the f—ing doors for ’em!’: Joe Scarborough tears into Capitol Police over flimsy security and racial double standards https://www.businessinsider.in/politi…​ NBC News: Joe Biden: BLM Protesters Would Have Been ‘Treated Differently’ At Capitol Demonstrations https://youtu.be/TMA1pF9pY0A​ ESPN: LeBron James addresses the riots at the U.S. Capitol https://youtu.be/cto5O4DosfA​ CNN: Van Jones: US Capitol riot is treason and rebellion. Period. https://youtu.be/JLBLgH3PAeI​ Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel On Police Morale And The Spike In Shootings https://youtu.be/6VWA0qpPjBY​ The Molyneux Post (YouTube): CHRIS ROCK HOW TO NOT GET YOUR ASS KICKED! https://youtu.be/h1BJM6LJAq8
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