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Why Medicare for All will Not Work

 Why Medicare for All will Not Work

Gen Z is an Contributor for Conservative Choice Campaign.com

My Take on Why Medicare for All will Not Work

This post is probably just preaching to the choir, but I still think it’s worth putting out there. Medicare for All will not work. Despite Warren’s assurances to the contrary, there is no reason at all to suspect that Medicare for all will somehow be successful and different from every other Big Government program. Plus, Elizabeth Warren is a constant liar. Why should you even believe her in the first place?

The government likes to imagine that it can manage programs well. Unfortunately, that just isn’t true. The government can’t innovate quickly. Its bureaucrats are often incompetent and unable to perform even the most basic customer service-related tasks. Furthermore, government programs are often wildly inefficient and unproductively spend billions of tax dollars that could have been productively invested or reinvested by the public sector. It’s obvious that the government doesn’t work, so I don’t see why it’s so hard for our representatives and friends on the left to see that Medicare for All will not work.

Where Medicare for All Originated:

Like many other socialist programs, this modern version of free medicine called “Medicare for All” came from Bernie Sanders. Luckily, most Americans recognize that he and his agenda are shams. Unfortunately, fewer people realize that Medicare for All is still a ridiculous idea now that Elizabeth Warren has picked it up.

Some say that Medicare for All is not a socialist program. I say that is quite obviously a lie. Its proponents like to hide behind the veil of just wanting to help others, but what real Americans recognize is that Medicare for All came into being only because Congress needed another way to bribe the public with the public’s own money.

If the bleeding heart politicians that claim to want to help the poor receive medical care, then they would cut taxes on medicine-related investing and ensure through other tax cuts that our medical companies remain the best in the world. Instead, they just want to tax everyone more, even if they are saving to create an account to invest and pay for medical expenses. That is ridiculous and shows the Democrats’ tendency to drift towards tyranny and hypocrisy.

So, in summary, Medicare for All originated as one of Bernie Sanders’s many socialist plots. It was driven forward by the desire of the Democrats to bribe the American public with their own tax dollars and by the rapid support Sanders receives for his sham agenda.

Elizabeth Warren and Medicare for All

But not that Elizabeth Warren has picked up on the popularity of “free healthcare,” Senator Sanders’s ridiculous idea has gained some legitimacy. In my view, outside of the fact that Medicare for All will not work, that is patently absurd because everyone knows that Elizabeth Warren is a liar!

But still, her supporters push her and her socialist ideas forward. Nevermind that Medicare for All will not work, nor will free college work, those bribes are working at boosting her popularity!

People don’t realize that socialism is suicide. That is unfortunate for America because if we don’t stop the (very) disappointing Democrat presidential candidates, then they’ll be elected and free to destroy everything that works in America.


Democrats like to speak negatively about our healthcare providers. Nevermind the fact that America has some of the best medicine in the world, Democrats say it costs too much!

To “correct” that, they want to raise taxes and limit consumer freedom, both of which are absolutely horrible for the economy and are, thus, the main reasons that Medicare for All will not work. We can’t let that happen. With the national debt skyrocketing like it is and remaining a problem, it’s time to demand no new entitlements. In fact, we need to be cutting the ones already in existence. Adding yet another socialist economic initiative might break the economy.

Don’t believe me? Then just wait and see what happens. Once you understand why I think that Medicare for All will not work, you’ll understand why it’s important to stop the virus of socialism from spreading.

By: Gen Z Conservative, whose website is www.genzconservative.com. Check it out!






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