• June 18, 2024

Why the George Floyd Riots are a Distraction from Democrat Malfeasance

 Why the George Floyd Riots are a Distraction from Democrat Malfeasance

Gen Z is an Contributor for Conservative Choice Campaign.com

2020 has certainly been a crazy year. The attempted coup launched against Trump in the form of a ridiculous impeachment proceeding was shut down. We almost went to war with Iran. Australia caught on fire. Then, the Chinese flu killed the US economy. Afterward, the riots over the death of crackhead George Floyd consumed America. But those riots weren’t spontaneous and random. No, the riots are a distraction from Democrat malfeasance.

If you’re an astute conservative, young or old, you’ll notice that in the above into, I left out a few major events from this past year. Remember when we found out about Joe Biden’s corruption? Or how creepy Joe Biden is probably a rapist? What about when we found out what really happened to Michael Flynn and saw that he was set up by a corrupt FBI and entirely corrupt DOJ? Or when we learned about the business deals of Joe’s son, Hunter Biden?

All of those shocking revelations came out right before the George Floyd “peaceful” protests that involve mass violence and the destruction of property, especially small businesses, began. I think that shows that the riots are a distraction from Democrat malfeasance.

Before you dismiss the idea that the riots are a distraction from Democrat malfeasance as some far-right conspiracy theory, just think about it for a minute and consider the timeline of events.

We found out about Democrat corruption while everyone was stuck at home because of the supposed dire threat posed by the Chinese flu pandemic. As a result, everyone knew about what the corrupt and un-American Democrats were up to.

Americans saw that while Trump was busy unleashing the economy to help make all Americans richer, the Democrats were operating in the shadows to ruin the lives of his advisers. They set up Flynn, falsely accused a bevy of other Trump campaign officials, and used Deep State officials like Strozk and John Brennan to attack the Trump presidency on a daily basis.

Of course, the left couldn’t let that revelation become a problem for them. So, the minute they and their media allies saw an opportunity to distract us and shift the narrative, they took it and fanned the flames of unrest to set America ablaze. The riots are a distraction from Democrat malfeasance.

And not only are the riots a distraction from Democrat malfeasance in terms of national politics, they also are a distraction in regards to state politics.

Remember the guest article about the “tale of two states” and how Republican-governed states were recovering from the lockdown far better than Democrat-ruled states? Antifa’s setting of our cities alight hides that fact because now nowhere can recover.

Instead, America is burning because of Antifa and BLM rioters. That shows that the riots are a distraction from Democrat malfeasance in state politics; the left can’t let Americans find out that their leftist state government officials let them down. They’d rather just blame everything terrible on the police, which is absurd.

So, the riots are a distraction from Democrat malfeasance at both the national and state level. The media is using hyped-up coverage of mass riots and protests to make Americans forget how Democrats betrayed America by prioritizing partisan politics over making America a better place. Even our Department of Justice was behaving in an unjust manner…that’s a problem for America.

The problem isn’t just that a political party is stirring up civil unrest to make people forget that it behaved illegally. That’s bad, but not particularly outside the norm of partisan politics (which is why the authors of The Federalist Papers attacked partisanship viciously). The riots are a distraction from what’s important- Democrats behaving illegally. But there’s something else about this situation that should be concerning.

What is a major problem for conservative Americans is that almost no one is waking up to the fact that the riots are a distraction from Democrat malfeasance. You’d hope that at least some politicians and media outlets would be committed to exposing the truth about what the corrupt Democrats are up to.

But no, none of our politicians or media sites are willing to do that. On one hand, the establishment Republicans are obviously cowards that are unwilling to stand up in defense of anything controversial. They won’t defend the police, won’t condemn the rioters, won’t investigate Hillary, and refuse to state the simple fact that the riots are a distraction from Democrat malfeasance.

Similarly, conservative media either can’t or won’t state the truth about the George Floyd riots. Fox News, already basically a tabloid, has been going along with the mainstream media strategy of only discussing the riots, but not what they’re really about. On the other hand, the brave outlets like The Federalist and Zero Hedge that were trying to spread the truth about the George Floyd riots have been targeted and demonetized by leftist Big Tech companies. The end result of that abdication of duty and Big Tech censorship is that few Americans have heard any narratives about the riots that don’t toe the line created by NeverTrumpers and far-left Democrats.

Conservatives need to start standing up for themselves and fighting the culture war. We need to be more like our brave president, who’s always willing to fight the leftists, and less like the cowardly RINOs that refuse to condemn rioters for being violent and breaking the law. If we don’t, then we’ll surely lose the battle for America’s fate.

Americans need to learn that the riots are a distraction from Democrat malfeasance. These aren’t just spontaneous protests against police brutality. No, they’re an organized attempt to cover up what the Democrats were up to. The media coverage of the riots is glorifying violence and destruction of property, aggravating racial divides in America, hiding what one party was doing illegally, and distracting us from more pressing issues, such as our new Cold War with China.

Let’s fight back against that. We young conservatives are America’s future, so we need to stay vigilant and learn what’s really going on in our country. What’s going on now is disturbing and reminiscent of what Diana West wrote about in American Betrayal. America as we know and love it won’t survive if the truth remains in the dark. We need to wake up and realize not just that the riots are a distraction from Democrat malfeasance, but even more importantly what they’re distracting us from.

General Flynn, Roger Stone, President Donald Trump, and many others have been slandered and attacked by the far-left recently. Even worse, much of that slander came about via illegal means. CIA spying, FBI pressure tactics, and outright libel have all been used by the hate-filled leftists to attack high-profile conservatives.

Let’s remember those names and remember what happened to them. The Democrats are corrupt and working against America’s interests. They’re hiding Biden’s illegal activities, hiding the Deep State Swamp’s illegal activities, and slandering the Trump Administration. Hiding all of that from the public eye is what these George Floyd Riots are really about, not social justice.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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