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Why You Should Support Kat Cammack for Congress

 Why You Should Support Kat Cammack for Congress

Gen Z is an Contributor for Conservative Choice Campaign.com

This is an interview with Kat Cammack, who is running for Congress in Florida.

What made you, Kat Cammack, decide to run for Congress?

Republicans have long had the right message — less taxes, more freedom, free markets, and individual rights. However, the left has dominated the narrative that they are the future and conservatives are the past.

As a millennial and as a woman, I am a new messenger of our conservative values. I am a representative of the next generation of Republicans, being threatened by the divisive nature of the Left. It is not enough to be “technically right” anymore – we have to win the hearts and minds of the next generation and it starts with sending one of our own to Capitol Hill. I am ready to fight the good fight to protect the future of this country and the Republican party.

What in your life drew you to conservatism?

I was born and raised on a small cattle ranch. The daughter of a single mother, I was taught the value of hard work at a very early age and was active in 4-H, rodeo, and sports growing up. As the 3rd generation in the family business of monuments and commercial sandblasting, I learned early on in life the pressures and challenges that small family businesses face ranging from labor challenges to regulations. In 2011, my family received the devastating news that they lost their cattle ranch due to an Obama-era housing program and were forced to evict.

After being homeless for several months, I was contacted by Ted Yoho about joining his campaign in Florida. Motivated by a lifetime of big government pressure and my most recent personal experience with the failures of a big government program, I agreed and traveled to Florida in September of 2011. Upon my arrival in Florida, I joined the Ted Yoho for Congress campaign as Ted’s campaign manager. As his lone paid staffer, helped secure Ted’s victory in the 2012 national upset election.

How would you fight against socialism in America?

America is threatened every day by an increasingly pervasive big government. As a member of Congress,  I will vote against all types of legislation that motivates Democratic socialism and a social welfare state. I am ready to make the case for capitalism and conservatism, not only to the general audiences but to Millennials, Gen Xs and Gen Zs.

It is time that someone communicates effectively the threat of the growing debt and deficits in a way that is meaningful to us.  I am well equipped to have this conversation with young people as well as advocate for a capitalist future for America. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez  is the leading voice of the growing socialist movement. America is in desperate need of a contemporary with the ability to challenge AOC on the House floor.

I saw that illegal immigration is a major issue for you. How would you work to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into both your district and the country?

A sovereign nation begins with strong border security. We must have the ability to control who and what are crossing our borders, as well as when they are crossing. This means enhancing the security of both our southern and northern border, along our coastlines, and within our legal ports of entry. The failures to stop unauthorized crossings over the past several decades have led to serious national security threats and an influx of individuals who have illegally entered our county. It has to stop.

As a member of Congress, I look forward to working closely with the President to build extensive national security measures. We must work to build the wall during Donald Trump’s second term in office. It is vitally important that the House Republicans also work to combat overreaching federal policies that allow for the creation of sanctuary cities.

Another way to stem illegal immigration is to fix our broken immigration in the United States. Responsive and effective immigration programs can ensure that we are able to monitor people coming in and out of the country, while assisting in supporting the American economy.

I want to be the voice on Capitol Hill to fight for a physical barrier, new technologies, support for our ICE agents and increased personnel to accomplish the goal of keeping our country and the District safe and stemming the flow of illegal immigration

In terms of defending the 2nd amendment, would you, Kat Cammack, work to roll back existing rules and regulations? Or would you only try to stop new ones from being passed?

The Constitution couldn’t be clearer on this important issue: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

I will always uphold & defend our Second Amendment Rights. As a concealed carry permit holder and wife to a first responder, I am adamant about protecting this most basic American right. As a board member for the Alachua County Friends of NRA, I have put my beliefs into action by working to defend our right to keep and bear arms.

When I worked as Representative Ted Yoho’s former Deputy Chief of Staff, I was proud to fight to protect our gun rights on Capitol Hill. If elected to Congress, I will continue Representative Yoho’s advocacy against any attempt by the Left to take those rights away.

I will work to remove all existing legislation limiting the buying and selling of guns in the United States of America. The Second Amendment exists to protect the first amendment and the American people from a tyrannical government. I will fight to end all federal control on firearm sales, as well as support the outright destruction of red flag laws and their infringement on the U.S. Constitution.

What do you see as the greatest challenge your district faces and how would you fight to correct that issue?

While there are many great challenges in front of our District, the most pressing issue on voters’ minds is the impact of Coronavirus. The greatest challenge to FL-03 is the effects of Coronavirus on the community and industry, from families to small business to agriculture. All businesses are essential to those who are owners and employees.

By not allowing for businesses to open, we are allowing the government to infringe upon our individual rights granted to us by the United States Constitution. Small businesses, such as retail, barbershops, and nail salons are struggling to survive until the country is able to reopen. Those in the agriculture community are also seeing painful cuts in revenue as a result of the purchasing limits placed on certain products in an attempt to reserve food supply.

This disruption of our supply chain is having negative effects on all critical components of supply chain industries. All over the country, we are seeing farmers destroy their crops, instead of being given the opportunity to engage in profitable commerce. We must be able to reopen businesses in a way that is safe for those who are at the highest risk while restoring the robust economy that has resulted from President Trump’s hard work.

What do you think is the greatest issue America faces and how would you work to resolve it?

The greatest threat to America is the impending advancement of socialism and our national debt. Year after year, career politicians in Washington have increased our spending and allowed our debt and deficit to grow. Meanwhile, liberals will stop at nothing in their quest to raise taxes on hard-working families and small businesses to fund their radical socialist agenda. If we don’t act on this now, we will be saddling the future of America with an unbearable weight of debt and danger.

As we have watched the Coronavirus pandemic play out, we have seen efforts from the left of imbedding socialist policies as a crisis response. Players like AOC have advocated for policies like

I believe that the greatest threat to our Constitutional Republic is our out-of-control spending and national debt. With the $25 trillion in debt growing each and every minute of the day in America, we are in danger of drowning the greatest country in the world in spending.

In the wake of coronavirus, we have seen an enormous increase in our national debt and spending. Once we get past this crisis, we immediately need to start working on efforts to rebuild the American economy and outline a new set of policies to protect our country in the future. Our plan begins with an America First policy designed to bring pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, processing, and IT back home to America.


What can those of us who are not in your district do to support you?

It would be extremely meaningful to the campaign to support us remotely. We have a very strong digital effort and it would be helpful for people to share our social media presence.

It would also be wonderful if everyone ‘Liked’ our Facebook page, Kat Cammack. Our Instagram handle is @katforcongress and our Twitter handle is @Kat_Cammack, so please follow us there too.

We are also always searching for our phone bankers who can carry our message of “Kat Cammack for Congress” to every house in the District, which is an easy and effective way to volunteer remotely. Please call any of your friends in Florida, especially FL-03, with information about our campaign. Finally, donations to our grassroots campaign are also very much appreciated and needed to help carry the message across the district. Please visit our website to learn more about the campaign and donate: https://www.katforcongress.com.


By: Gen Z Conserverative, author of the blog www.genzconservative.com

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