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Will Civil War Explode in Virginia this Monday? It looks that way!

 Will Civil War Explode in Virginia this Monday? It looks that way!


Richmond, Virginia is shaping up to explode into actual Civil War this coming Monday, Jan. 20, 2020.

I want to go on record right now and say this, so you won’t be surprised about it later. Charlottesville 1 was engineered to be a powder keg. The town council set up and primed the entire explosive situation before they buggered out of town on Friday afternoon. The blood of a dead woman is partially on their hands.

With over 90 percent of his counties rebelling against his draconian gun law proposals and thousands of pissed off Virginia citizens prepared to storm the castle, Gov. Northam is frantically erecting physical barriers to contain the riff-raff. Imperious and lordly, this little tyrant strikes a comedic pose as he struts around the castle walls, daring his subjects to defy him.

King Northam has decreed that no weapons will be allowed on the capitol grounds, not even helmets or shields! Does this remind anyone else of the 1775 British army’s march on Lexington and Concord to seize colonial weapons? Didn’t that officially touch off the Revolutionary War?

What is happening in Richmond, VA right now is smacking of the same kind of orchestration as took place in Charlottesville.

Gov. Northam has buttressed his capitol police force with city cops and state troopers and he is having barriers erected around the capitol building and statehouse. Streets immediately surrounding Capitol grounds will be closed and there’s going to be additional fencing around the Capitol building.

On Monday, there will only be one public entrance at the gate near N 9th Street and Grace Street, where all visitors will have to go through a security checkpoint with metal detectors.

This fencing is being bolted together so it is not easily removable. Limited access and entry points onto the capital square will ensure that once you are in there you will have no ready means of escape. All this to enforce a decree of a “gun free” zone outside the capitol for the first time in Virginia’s history in the absence of a couple hundred years of incident free events in the same location. (More on this later)

It is important to remember the Governor of Virginia has ordered fencing to be erected around the State Capital as he and the legislature continue to DEFY the citizens of that state, in an attempt to disarm them of their Constitutionally protected firearms.

With TENS OF THOUSANDS of people coming to Richmond, Virginia on Monday, January 20, 2020, to oppose the radical gun legislation which would disarm the public, there will be lines of people all around the area that can’t even get into the Capital square. The people that DO make it in will be fish in a barrel.

They run cattle through a chute before they give them the bolt gun. Think about that.

This means that if anything bad happens you will be unable to flee, unable to defend yourself, and unable to find usable cover or concealment.

With all the congestion it also means there will be no way to get help to people in need of assistance.

With the sheer number of people in attendance, law enforcement will be unable to eliminate any threats for fear of injuring/killing innocent people. They will also not be able to get to the actors until long after any rampage has started and been effective.

There is also the very real possibility of crush and trampling deaths and injuries should anything spook the crowd.

Never mind that you won’t be able to go to the bathroom, get water/food, or out of the elements. Then when the day is over you will be looking at several hours of gridlock just to leave, regardless of whether you came by bus or uber.

First I would recommend you stay far away from this event. Do not go anywhere near Richmond. In fact don’t even spend any money in Virginia.

Second, even if you do go, the legislature has made it quite clear that regardless of what 91 of 95 counties (the voice of the people unencumbered by gerrymandering ) want, the representatives will go completely against what the vast majority of the state wants.

Third this event has turned into a violation of the rules of three stupids: “Don’t do stupid things. Don’t hang out with stupid people. Don’t go stupid places.” On a good day, crime ridden Richmond is a stupid place but this amplification has made it even more stupid (if that is even possible). There are a few stupid individuals who will be intent on causing problems, and they will be in attendance too. This even going here would constitute doing something stupid.

Fourth those who choose to abide by the governor’s proclamation will be leaving weapons in locked vehicles. Hundreds of cars will have weapons in them and will be completely unguarded. Cars make terrible places to store weapons. The thugs will be out in full force breaking into these cars in the hunt for free guns and the law abiding citizens will have unwittingly provided them. They will be the ones with the Molon Labe, H&K, Sig, or NRA stickers on them. That is what the thieves will target. A spree could flood Richmond with stolen guns. Since the police will be tied up doing security for the fiasco there will be no deterrent to these kinds of crimes.

Finally, if you don’t heed my warning then please properly prepare for the event. Dress in layers, with your base layer being a moisture wicking shirt, covered by some level IIIA Kevlar. Then whatever constitutes fashion over that. Bring food and water, and some way to dispose of any bodily waste. Also bring medical supplies including a tourniquet.

The legislators have created a logistical nightmare from the simple addition of their fence because the racist governor wants to appease his billionaire handlers, George Soros and Mike Bloomberg.

This has nothing to do with safety and now has everything to do with creating a situation that will be deliberately explosive and dangerous. You show up there and you will be part of the pawns used in a greater gun control scheme.

I pray that nothing bad happens, but I like to be prepared for most instances of potential disaster. This has all the hallmarks of a disaster in the making.

Liberals are the very tyrants

our forefathers warned about.


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