• September 29, 2023

Will Russian Lines In Ukraine Crumble? A Chat With Judge Napolitano

 Will Russian Lines In Ukraine Crumble? A Chat With Judge Napolitano

Last week retired General David Petraeus was interviewed by three reporters from the Telegraph and asserted that Russian forces could “crumble” in the face of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. My initial reaction was that this was just David’s crazy musing, but I have since learned that there are a number of senior active duty U.S. military personnel banking on the same impossible dream. The general spin is that Russian morale is falling through the floorboards and the Ukrainians are making very slow gains (one small town at a time) and the front will eventually collapse. It’s just a matter of time. I can understand a retired guy like Petraeus indulging such nonsense, but it is alarming that there are senior U.S. military leaders spouting the same nonsense.

It is not just the Generals praying for signs that Russia is crumbling. Business Insider contributes its two cents about the alleged economic problems buffeting Russia — There are 5 things the West could do to put even more pressure on Russia’s struggling economy, think tank says. The neo-cons at the Atlantic Council are behaving like drowning passengers on the Titanic, frantically grasping for life jackets:

Western nations need to do more to further weaken Russia’s economy, according to researchers from the Atlantic Council.

The US-based think tank pointed to the impact sanctions have had over the past year, with the ruble plunging in value and demand deteriorating in key sectors. . . .

Experts say that Russia’s economy is struggling more than officials have suggested, and the Kremlin has avoided publishing key statistics while under-the-radar data show a far grimmer future for Russia than Putin has let on.

I guess the scribes at the Atlantic Council are too busy conjuring fantasies to read the New York Times latest — Russia Overcomes Sanctions to Expand Missile Production, Officials SayNY Times

Moscow’s missile production now exceeds prewar levels, officials say, leaving Ukraine especially vulnerable this coming winter. . . .

Before the war, one senior Western defense official said, Russia could make 100 tanks a year; now they are producing 200.

Western officials also believe Russia is on track to

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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