• June 16, 2024

Will Swaffar be Our New Health Insurance Expert?

 Will Swaffar be Our New Health Insurance Expert?

Check out this amazing Article written by Daveda Gruber of Maga Media for GOP Candidate Darlene Swaffar for Congress:


In this article Daveda beautifully lays out how Darlene Swaffar is the only Candidate running with Healthcare Expertise, one of the biggest controversial issues plaguing our County today.

Here we have our very own Republican Candidate running for Congress, who can fill this role.  Not only does Darlene Swaffar have Healthcare expertise, as a small business owner, she understands economic development and what it takes for someone to start a business.

This is who we need in Congress!  We need to Vet our Candidates and send the very best Patriots to represent We The People.

The Filing fee of $10,400 is due this week to get on the Ballot for the Primary Race schedule for August 18th, 2020.  Get the RIGHT Candidate on the Ballot and help flip this seat RED.  Send Darlene Swaffar to DC by Donating today:  https://secure.winred.com/darleneswaffar/donate


Darlene Swaffar
GOP Candidate for Congress, Florida District 22

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