• February 21, 2024

WINTER IS COMING: Blue Cities Starting to Panic About Housing Illegal Immigrants as the Weather Turns Cold

 WINTER IS COMING: Blue Cities Starting to Panic About Housing Illegal Immigrants as the Weather Turns Cold

The massive illegal immigrant problem in blue cities like New York, Chicago and Boston is about to get much worse. It’s one thing to have people sleeping on sidewalks and in tents in the spring and summer. Winter is a different story.

Now that cold weather is coming, these cities are starting to panic about where they’re going to put all these people.

In harsh winters, cities sometimes have a hard time finding places to put all the snow once it has been plowed. Finding warm and dry places for people to live is a much bigger challenge.

Politico reports:

Democratic cities brace for a nightmare winter housing migrants

Migrants in Chicago huddle on the floors of police stations and sleep in city buses kept running overnight to block out the cold. In Massachusetts, where the emergency shelter system hit capacity earlier this month, the state is converting office space into shelters and at least one local group is stockpiling sleeping bags.

And in New York, where shelters are also full, the city has taken the extraordinary steps of providing migrants one-way plane tickets to as far away as Morocco and have contemplated handing out tents to newly-arriving migrants so they can sleep in parks.

Northern cities and states that have been overwhelmed by a surge in migrants are now out of room to house them just as the weather turns cold — a potentially life-threatening situation that’s inflaming local political tensions as the Biden administration largely leaves these Democratic strongholds to fend for themselves…

The dual crises of lowering temperatures and a lack of shelter space are forcing some jurisdictions to tighten long-standing policies that previously ensured people without homes would have a place to stay — and in some cases, confront simmering racial divides.

It’s amazing that they’re actually using office spaces in Massachusetts.

Starting Monday, the Massachusetts State Transportation building will become a short-term shelter for up to 25 families as the state continues to grapple with an emergency shelter system that is maxed out at 7,500 families. https://t.co/eu3Xju0UaR

— NECN (@NECN) November 20, 2023

This has the potential to become a humanitarian disaster.

Chicago, New York City not prepared for ‘nightmare winter’ as migrants continue to arrive: report https://t.co/SEi7S5teZk

— FOX 32 News (@fox32news) November 24, 2023

These cities better figure it out soon.


Source: The Gateway Pundit

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