• September 29, 2023

Woman Behind Viral “Mother F***er in Back Is Not Real” Meltdown Video Identified – Police Records Reveal True Events

 Woman Behind Viral “Mother F***er in Back Is Not Real” Meltdown Video Identified – Police Records Reveal True Events

The woman behind the now-infamous “motherf—r in back is not real” video has been identified as a 38-year-old marketing executive from Dallas, Texas.

The viral clip, which has garnered millions of views on social media platforms, shows a frantic woman yelling while standing in the aisle on the airplane.

“I’m getting the f*ck off. And there’s a reason why,” she says, pointing down the aisle to the back of the plane. “I am telling you right now, that motherf*cker, that motherf*cker back there is NOT REAL!”

At that point, many of the passengers turn their heads to look down the aisle, where a flight attendant is walking.

“And you can sit on this plane and you can f*cking die with him or not,” the woman says. “I’m not going to.”

One passenger casually says, “Bye.” as the woman leaves.


The way the whole plane looked back lmao pic.twitter.com/bLiUAN8kuk

— Lance

(@Bornakang) July 3, 2023

While the video depicted the woman in a seemingly panic state, making wild allegations about a supposed “not real person” in the backseat, the official police report tells a rather different story.

After a month, the woman in the viral video is identified as Tiffany Gomas, a marketing executive from Dallas, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Gomas was aboard on a flight from Fort Worth to Orlando, Florida on July 2, when the incident occurred.

According to the police report, Gomas’s unexpected outburst was reportedly instigated by an argument with family members she was traveling with. She accused them of stealing her AirPods.

Following the accusation, Gomas further alarmed passengers and crew by claiming that the aircraft was not safe and wouldn’t make it to its destination.

“The female then started claiming the aircraft was unsafe and did not want the aircraft to leave because she believed it would not reach its destination,” according to the police documents obtained by Daily Mail.

“Due to the statements the flight attendants felt the aircraft needed to be rescreened. [The airline manager] explained that the passenger was denied boarding and

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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