• November 29, 2021

World witnessing ‘the death of 2020 Joe Biden’

 World witnessing ‘the death of 2020 Joe Biden’

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A lot of Americans are going to be looking for change as President Joe Biden is “unreliable”, according to Curtin University Professor Joe Siracusa. It comes as a recent poll in Iowa shows a disapproval rating for President Joe Biden has fallen to 62 per cent. “Right now his support has collapsed, he’s not the safe hands, not reliable, he’s not a compromiser; so a lot of Americans are going to look for change,” Prof Siracusa told Sky News Australia. Prof Siracusa said the Democrats will distance themselves from President Biden if they can see he’s “going down the toilet”. “Of course every time President Biden’s in trouble he wants to remind the reporter … he likes to say look ‘I’m the president’. “Well yeah okay if you got to keep saying that people aren’t going to believe a word you say.”




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