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Would you know what to do? CRT

 Would you know what to do? CRT


If THIS happened at your child’s school, would you know your rights?


Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) in Minnesota has partnered with AMAZE, an organization that targets toddlers with gender identity lessons.


The district says the AMAZE partnership is intended “to further develop culturally responsive classrooms” — and their work together is focused on the district’s elementary schools.


On its own website, AMAZE promotes “PRIDE resources” for children as young as age four, including a book about a girl who transitions to be a boy.


And SPPS isn’t the only school district promoting lessons on gender identity to young children in the classroom.


— The San Ramon Valley Unified School District in California has introduced Gender and Sexuality Clubs to elementary schools. A student’s mother told PDE that “despite numerous requests the district refuses to share with me the materials that are being distributed at these clubs.”


— Cedar Grove Schools in New Jersey reportedly gave students as young as nine a survey that asked about “gender identity.”


— The Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School in Washington, D.C. promoted “Queer Affirming” and “Trans Affirming” content this month, writing that “everyone gets to choose if they are a boy or girl or both or neither or something else, and no one else gets to choose for them.”


 Would you know what to do if this type of material was being taught in your child’s classroom?


As a parent, it’s critical that you know your rights!


You may be able to request classroom materials or file a public records request to obtain information from your school district.


You may have the option to opt your child out of specific curriculum and surveys. You can find more resources on opting out — including links to state-specific public school opt-out forms — on our website.


And you may be able to work with other concerned parents in your district … and with the outreach staff at Parents Defending Education … to expose what’s really being taught in classrooms and begin the process of trying to bring about change.


Being informed is your best weapon — which is why Parents Defending Education supports parents like you every day.


So thank you for continuing to stand with Parents Defending Education — your ally as we fight for a healthy, non-political education for all our kids!


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