• June 24, 2024

Years After Churches Burned in Retaliation, Dig Finds No Human Remains at Supposed Site of ‘Mass Grave’

 Years After Churches Burned in Retaliation, Dig Finds No Human Remains at Supposed Site of ‘Mass Grave’

The fact that progressives — there’s no need to add the term “radical” because all progressives are radical — are nihilistic is old news.

But what does nihilistic mean? It means that there is no truth, only power. In an effort to monopolize power,  progressives attempt to replace truth with illusion.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada is an adherent of nihilism. He craves power. In order to get it, he seeks to pass off rumors as truth, and half-truths as dogma. Truth, however, always prevails.

In 2021, it was widely reported that the remains of 215 children were found at an indigenous residential school site in British Columbia. Two years later, after excavations at suspected “mass grave” sites, no bodies have been found, according to the New York Post.

The bodies were initially located using ground-penetrating radar at Kamloops Indian Residential School. The government school was established in 1890 and was run by the Roman Catholic church. It was closed down in 1978.

“Minegoziibe Anishinabe, a group of indigenous people also known as Pine Creek First Nation, excavated 14 sites in the basement of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Catholic Church near the Pine Creek Residential School in Manitoba during four weeks this summer,” reported Dana Kennedy of the Post.

The lack of bodies doesn’t sound like it’s deterring Chief Derek Nepinak of Pine Creek Indian Reserve. He indicated the effort was an “initial excavation.”  The term “initial” has some skeptics thinking more digs are planned, according to the Post.

It sounds like Nepinak wants to find dead bodies. Why? Well there could be a number of reasons.

A cynic might think that the far-left Canadian government wants to disgrace the Catholic church and in doing so undermine Western values. This is what nihilists do. Western civilization, from ancient Greece forward, has been built on the premise that truth exists — from Moses to Plato to Jesus Christ. Nihilists can’t have truth because truth trumps power. They need to get rid of it. But they can’t.

Did atrocities occur at the Canadian government schools? Don’t doubt it. Colonization — whether European, Pheonecian or Japanese — isn’t pretty. When cultures collide, atrocities occur. That’s history.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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