• June 3, 2023




If you feel helpless while watching news reports of chaos at school board meetings across America … or hearing about madness and political indoctrination in your own local school district … I’m here to tell you:


You’re stronger than you think.


Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s true that local school boards wield tremendous power.


School boards set policy on a wide range of issues, from determining curriculum and approving textbooks, to setting educational and school policies, handing down disciplinary decisions, creating dress codes, and more.


And all these decisions are responsible in part for shaping the hearts and minds of America’s next generation … maybe even your own children or grandchildren, Chip.


But school board members are not dictators — no matter how much some of them try to act like it! They’re elected officials who serve the people they represent — ordinary citizens just like you and me.


And it is possible to hold them accountable. Sometimes, it’s enough to attend your local school board meetings and make your voice heard.


But sometimes it’s necessary to go further, and hold them accountable with the power of the ballot box.


And that’s exactly what Parents Defending Education is helping you do, with our critical new project to shine a light on school board elections across America.

It’s easy to blame the national political culture for activists imposing harmful agendas in our schools. But you do have the power to effect change in your local school district.


Our School Board Elections Project is simple, but effective. We’re collecting information from concerned parents and citizens like you, Chip. We’re asking for basic information: What school district do you live in? How many seats are on the school board governing your district? And when is your next school board election?


By answering just a few simple questions, you’re helping us equip parents around the country with the information they need to take back our schools — speak truth to power — and stop the madness happening in schools across America.


So please take just a moment to answer a few simple questions about your local school district, and help Parents Defending Education use the grassroots power of people like you — concerned parents and citizens — to bring honesty and openness to school board elections and accountability to the system.


Working together, we can take back the power from school boards gone rogue and turned radical. Working together, we can stop the politicization of our children’s education. Working together, we can take back our schools and hold our leaders accountable.


So thank you for standing with Parents Defending Education today!


Nicole Neily


Parents Defending Education


P.S.  there is strength in numbers — so please consider forwarding this email to people you know who live in other school districts, whether one town away from you or on the other side of the country. Our School Board Elections Project needs input from parents in every corner of the country to truly be effective. And thank you for your help today! — NN

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