• December 1, 2023

Young Trump Supporting Couple Terrorized By Antifa in DC, Attacked by ‘Medic’

 Young Trump Supporting Couple Terrorized By Antifa in DC, Attacked by ‘Medic’

A young Trump supporting couple was terrorized by a mob of Antifa and Black Lives Matters thugs in Washington, D.C. Saturday evening following the Million MAGA March. Video posted by Drew Hernandez to Twitter shows a young woman being held close by a young man as the couple is surrounded and attacked. Hernandez reported eggs and unknown liquids were thrown at the couple.

The attack took place a few blocks from the White House, in the 1500 block of I (eye) Street, NW, as the couple was passing by Black Lives Matter Plaza.

A liquid was thrown on the couple and as they tried to walk away an Antifa medic came from behind and attacked the young woman, apparently trying to steal her MAGA hat which she held in her hand and seems to have kept. The young man was defiant, holding a thumbs up as he walked, but the young woman appeared traumatized as the couple tried to flee the mob.

The couple kept walking even as another liquid was thrown on them and made it safely behind police lines.

DC: Trump supporters attacked by Antifa and BLM

Antifa and BLM hit, throw eggs and unknown liquids at Trump Supporters walking through BLM Plaza

You can hear see and hear the female Trump Supporter cry in fear pic.twitter.com/No1QDp4KLd

— Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) November 14, 2020

Trump supporters outnumbered the Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists earlier Saturday during the march. However, as the day wound down and Trump supporters were in smaller numbers the terrorists took to the streets to attack. Children, the elderly, black women were all attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter in D.C. tonight.

Follow Drew Hernandez on Twitter for more video reports from D.C. and other protests and riots around the country as they happen.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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