• January 16, 2022

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A Real Voice for Real People

Dion Bergeron is running for Congress to represent Indiana’s 1st District in the House of Representatives. Dion is different from most of those in our government, especially in our Congress. He isn’t a politician. He’s never run for office, and doesn’t come from a wealthy family. He doesn’t have an Ivy League education, or a […]Read More

Is the media ready to fact check Schiff ?

Congressman Lee Zeldin  calls for fact checkers! I was on the Senate floor this evening for the #SchiffShow road show & it was hard to keep up with all of the spin, misleading & outright lies. Is the media ready to fact check Schiff on any of this or is his nonsense just the media’s new […]Read More

Trump: ‘I NEVER Told John Bolton That the Aid to

Former (fired) National Security Advisor John Bolton is writing a book about his time in the Trump White House. (Photo credit by SERGEI GAPON/AFP via Getty Images) By Susan Jones | January 27, 2020 (CNSNews.com) – John Bolton is hardly the first administration official to write a book criticizing President Trump after being fired from his post. […]Read More

Democrats argue ‘explosive’ details from Bolton book demand his impeachment

by Daniel Chaitin | January 26, 2020   Democrats seized on “explosive” details from John Bolton to increase pressure on the GOP-led Senate to call President Trump’s former national security adviser as a witness in the impeachment trial. House impeachment managers said Bolton has “vital information” for their case, as evidenced by a New York Times report Sunday evening about […]Read More

How did we get to this point?

Artwork by James Smullins Where did we go wrong? When did we let our guard down and lose our vigilance. How did we, all of us, allow the plague of communism spread so uncontrollably wide in our midst. This is a second generation of our children being indoctrinated in schools. Why do we allow this? […]Read More

‘God Only Knows’: Todd Dreads Trump’s Reaction to Possible Acquittal

By Nicholas Fondacaro | January 26, 2020 Taking a breather from blaming the country’s division solely on right-leaning Americans and railing against moderate female Republican senators who had issues with the Democratic impeachment managers, NBC political director Chuck Todd took time during Sunday’s Meet the Press to share his dread for what President Trump would say if the Senate […]Read More

Rockets hit US Embassy in Baghdad

Three out of five rockets hit the US embassy in Iraq’s capital Baghdad.  #BREAKING Of five rockets fired, three made a direct hit on the US embassy in Baghdad, according to a security source pic.twitter.com/pNBg7JqZxd — AFP news agency (@AFP) January 26, 2020 NEW: Three rockets hit the US embassy in Baghdad, damage reported to […]Read More

March for Life continues to gain support!

by Jason Roberge Washington D.C. (January 25th 2020) – Estimates suggest 100,000+ people attended the March for Life on Monday. Homemade signs and pre-printed signs were abundant as people joyfully watched President Trump speak in support of life. “Every child is a precious gift from god.” No one could have said it better during the […]Read More