• June 24, 2024

Martin Geddes

Veterans Day: from deceit to liberty

Watch myself and Tye Jackson reflect on our Veterans Day experience today at the Silent Wings Museum in Lubbock, TX. You know you are in Texas when your host laments that his gun is rattling in the side door pocket of his V8 truck. In the past week I have had two other moving Texan […]Read More

Epstein, Mafia Media, and their Conspiracy of Silence

By Martin Geddes Back in August, Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself. We do not know for sure if he is even dead, as he could still be in witness protection, and his “death” is a ruse using a substitute body. But the “official story” we were offered of his suicide is transparently absurd. Even […]Read More

Global corruption purge?

by Martin Geddes #TheStorm How to prepare for a global corruption purge? In the last few weeks my thoughts have drifted towards the events of this autumn that are going to shake our world. We have seen all the pieces being put in place for a mass justice event in the USA — the like […]Read More

25 Questions for the rational #QAnon skeptic

When two narratives go to war If you are going to tell a heinous lie, make sure it’s a really humungous one, accuse the other side of all that you are guilty, and ensure facts do not get in the way of Your Truth™. These psychological warfare tactics — be they in the manner of […]Read More