• April 15, 2024

Bill Gates Touts Pandemic Surveillance GERM Team In Creepy New Video: ‘We Need The Equivalent Of A Global Fire Department’

 Bill Gates Touts Pandemic Surveillance GERM Team In Creepy New Video: ‘We Need The Equivalent Of A Global Fire Department’


Creepy Bill Gates just won’t go away.

The globalist vaccine-pushing billionaire is making the rounds to promote Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization or GERM, a supreme global pandemic surveillance team that will be operated by the United Nations-run World Health Organization to detect outbreaks and prevent pandemics.

Standing alongside a dalmatian puppy in a video published on social media on Friday, Gates touted GERM as a necessity akin to firefighters and smoke detectors.

“If you really look at all the things we’ve done to minimize fire damage it’s quite impressive,” the tech mogul says while displaying images of buildings burning down. “Sadly, one disaster that we haven’t invested in is stopping pandemics. Making sure they don’t cause the deaths and economic damage we faced with COVID.”

“To prevent pandemics, we need the equivalent of a global fire department Just as we need smoke detectors, we need health workers around the world on the lookout for disease outbreaks,” Gates continues. “And just like we have firefighters, we need a team whose full-time job is to prevent pandemics, raising the alarm when outbreaks emerge, helping contain them and working on new tools like diagnostics, treatments and vaccines.”

No, Bill.
The only way to prevent the next pandemic is to put you and your fellow oligarchs in jail. Forever.
Conspiracy, high treason, crimes against humanity is what you’re guilty of. https://t.co/IwHoiOOLtH

— mats (@robotmats) May 7, 2022

GERM would be headed by the World Health Organization and focus solely on pandemic prevention and identifying new pathogens. The surveillance team would reportedly cost $1 billion a year and requires recruitment of a team of 3,000 physicians, epidemiologists and policy experts to work with WHO.

Gates also outlined his plans for digital medical tyranny in a video published last week, noting that the unelected medical “experts” would be tasked with notify WHO “disease experts” who would then contact government authorities and recommend best courses of action.

In his new book, “How To Prevent the Next Pandemic’” which hit store shelves on May 4, Gates details his experience combatting disease through the Gates Foundation.

Last year, the tech billionaire awarded grants to biotech company Oxitec to develop genetically modified mosquitoes. Gates claims the mutated mosquitos reduce the spread of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases and heralded bioengineering of the insects as, “The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made.”

In April 2021, the Gates-Funded firm released approximately 150,000 genetically modified mosquitoes across

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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