• February 28, 2024

Blowing Up!!

 Blowing Up!!

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

By Frank D. Lovell American Patriots Free State of Florida

When we think of blowing up, we think of negative consequences, however, when it’s information blowing up it gives power to the American people to make reasoned decisions. The spark started with Parent’s, etc. standing up for the welfare of their children & then many other sparks erupted over other issues in our society. The fuse was lit, then Texas & 25 other States blew it up with their border stand. Then another explosion in NY with the illegal migrants beating on the NY cops. Now I believe another explosion with the Democrat Dept of Justice’s Special Counsel’s report on Biden’s Confidential Doc’s. After deciding Biden willfully maintained possession of classified documents, the Special Counsel concluded that bringing charges against him would only be problematic for a jury considering a well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory. They went further saying he had diminished capacity. That is an indictment for removing the President for mental degradation supported by the US Constitution. The only difference between Biden & Trump is Trump had authority to have them, while Biden had no authority because he wasn’t President at the time. They concluded the report with ‘this matter is now closed.’ Well, I think it’s just begun now that we have evidence, they can’t accuse Republicans of making up. That’s as simple as it gets for people to realize there is a problem with govt to make logical, legally-based decisions. I could go on forever with all the issues: border, economy, educ, crime etc. However, the reality is we need to ‘change’ this govt which is attempting to change America, this govt has placed every American in grave danger from external/internal sources. This should be the wake-up call to Democrat voters, I only hope you now understand the problems with this govt & your Party. This isn’t the Democrat party you remember; it has been overtaken & controlled by others. What you need to do is vote Republican in 9 months, then work on voting certain Democratic politicians out of office & elect those who support your values. Don’t be fooled by those who go on the media & talk around the facts. For instance, if Biden had classified documents he had no authority to have that is a legal violation that talking can’t resolve. The more these blow-ups happen the more I am confident Americans will change the govt causing them. I feel much better today about the chances of America surviving this severe attack upon her. I have confidence in those American Patriots. Subscribe or access past stories on the Thinking Zone: https://fdlovell.wixsite.com/the-thinking-zone/home

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