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Breaking -DC US Attorney Would Not Allow Hunter to Be Charged

 Breaking -DC US Attorney Would Not Allow Hunter to Be Charged

US prosecutor David Weiss told at least six people that he was not allowed to file charges against Hunter Biden for his IRS crimes nor was he allowed to be appointed Special Counsel. That was on October 7, 2022. That put him at odds with Merrick Garland who testified before Congress that Mr. Weiss had complete latitude in charging Hunter Biden. David Weiss backed up Mr. Garland, but the NY Times investigated and said the whistleblower’s account is accurate. That takes us to this evening.

The Breaking News

Wednesday evening, Bret Baier asked IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley what happened at the now-infamous October 7th, 2022, meeting with top IRS and FBI officials.

“So, I was there, and I witnessed this personally… He (David Weiss) started with he’s not the deciding person whether or not charges are filed or not, meaning charges against Hunter.

He said, the prosecutors went to the DC US attorney’s office in March of 2022 and presented this case. They “requested discovery from the agents, which is a typical step when they’re getting ready to charge.” Mr. Shapley was not at those meetings.

After that, DC US attorney Matthew Graves would not allow Mr. Weiss to charge in his district. Whistleblower Shapley learned of this on October 7, 2022.

Matthew Graves

“So looking back to March of 2022, that’s when David Weiss, on October 7th, 2022, said that the DC US attorney’s office will not allow us to charge there. And then he added that he would request special counsel authority and was denied in that meeting.

“I even had him repeat that because I knew how important that fact was, and I wanted to make sure I understood it.”

Mr. Shapley also documented it in an email. It’s an exhibit. He recounted what he heard at the meeting and sent it to two senior executives, one of whom was at the meeting in March.

“I said is this accurate reflection of what occurred during the meeting, and the response was, ‘You covered it all.’”

Mr. Weiss went to California, and “they declined to allow charges and said that he would have to request special counsel authority from the deputy attorney general or attorney general.

[In the way of comparison, Graves is the prosecutor who is overcharging J6 defendants or keeping them imprisoned without trial.]

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