• July 24, 2024

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Steve Bannon Replies to Jan 6 Committee – Claims DOJ Wants to Hide Longstanding Policies that Support His Defiance of Jan 6 Committee

President Trump’s former top advisor responds to the unconstitutional Jan 6 committee. The utterly disgraceful committee is not seeking justice but is seeking punishment for anyone connected to President Trump. 

Steve Bannon responded to the corrupt, biased, and unconstitutional Jan 6 Committee in a filing today with the committee.  In his response, Bannon begins with a description of his actions to date and the response from the Jan 6 committee.

Picture this. You are a former top advisor to the President of the United States. You receive a subpoena from a congressional committee. The subpoena includes 10 pages of arcane instructions. It seeks testimony and documents about communications with your former boss while he was President. You are not a lawyer. You retain a lawyer. He is a seasoned former federal prosecutor who has experience with subpoenas. He explains that the former President has asserted executive privilege, and that based on long-standing U.S. Department of Justice authority, you should not appear for deposition or provide documents. He tells you that he will try to reach an accommodation with the Select Committee. You follow the advice of your attorney. Shortly thereafter you are charged with a crime and face up to two years in jail. You are told that when you go to trial, the Government does not want the jury to hear anything about your state of mind, your lawyer’s advice about the law, or your reliance on your lawyer’s advice. Justice or not?

The foregoing is not a hypothetical situation. It is the position taken by the Government in this case.

This Jan 6 committee is similar to the Mueller gang in that it is full of utterly biased and corrupt individuals who have no intention of upholding the law.  If they did, in both cases, they would never have proceeded with their investigations.  In any profession, there are clear rules preventing biased and corrupt individuals from performing activities such as investigations, audits, or legal cases.  The Jan 6 committee is enmeshed with conflicted and angry individuals, just like the Mueller investigation was.

Tonight Bannon outlined his actions which highlight his innocence and the Jan 6 committee’s thuggery.  Liz Cheney and company aren’t looking for the truth, if they were they’d be looking into the 2020 Election and the fraud-related activities there.  Bannon has every right to comply with the President’s assertion of executive privilege.  But the Jan 6 committee doesn’t recognize this.  They are after blood.

See entire filling below:

Bannon Response Toadviceofcounselfromecfwithexhibit1 by Jim Hoft on Scribd


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Steve Bannon Replies to Jan 6 Committee – Claims DOJ Wants to Hide Longstanding

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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