• September 29, 2023

Camouflage in Your Backyard with Over 400,000 Cell Sites in The US

 Camouflage in Your Backyard with Over 400,000 Cell Sites in The US

A few weeks ago I decided to go explore something after discovering I’m sitting in the middle of a field of radiation whirling about the sky above. I did a search through antennasearch.com to see how many cell towers and antennas were in a 3-mile radius of where I reside much of the time. If I had made a guess, I probably would have guessed 20-30 cell towers. I asked several nearby friends and family members how many they suspected and they came in even lower than I did. We were all shocked to learn that we are surrounded by over 170 towers.

I may not be out in the sticks, which I’d prefer, but I am not located in a big city, so it was a rather eye-opening discovery, and 170 towers seemed incredibly excessive. I then proceeded to review the handy list of companies that own these towers, spec out the height, latitude and longitude, and even scoped some of them out on satellite for better perspective. Sure, some of them were small sites on farms, while others were massive structures, but it was then that I realized some of these towers were in camouflage, and wondered how many people even realize these are cell towers in their backyards?

That was enough for me. I grabbed my trifield meter, called a friend who was equally intrigued, and we were off to explore this cell tower disguised as a 150′ tall flagpole. It was just as I had imagined, but worse. There were no markings, plaques, or information making people aware that it was emitting radiation as cell towers do. In fact, they dressed up this flagpole so well that it had a bench wrapped around it to kick back on, a deck adjacent lined with picnic tables, and walking trails around a beautiful pond, all right in the center of a community with lots of activity.

From the moment we approached the parking lot, at roughly 300′ away from this mammoth 150′ flagpole, the meter needled out completely. As we got closer it fluctuated back and forth. There was nothing visible on this flagpole to indicate it was a cell tower and it didn’t have the typical antennas at the top. SoRead More

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