• July 21, 2024

DELUSIONAL: Writer Claims Mainstream Media isn’t Partisan, Doesn’t Give Biden Credit, is Too Fair to Trump

 DELUSIONAL: Writer Claims Mainstream Media isn’t Partisan, Doesn’t Give Biden Credit, is Too Fair to Trump

Michael Tomasky is the editor of the liberal journal ‘The New Republic’ and he has written a piece about the media that has to be seen to be believed. This might be the funniest thing you will read today.

Tomasky makes so many claims that are either outright false or the complete opposite of the truth that it boggles the mind how anyone could possibly be this out of touch.

His premise is that if the media is not careful, they are going to re-elect Trump, but that’s hardly the most amazing thing about the piece.

Here are a few excerpts from The New Republic:

The success of the right-wing media is by and large due to the way they speak in lockstep, with one voice, and the way they push one very partisan agenda. They promote Republicans and conservatives, and they say nothing good ever about Democrats or liberals (exception: people who go off the reservation and willingly foul the Democratic-liberal nest, like Joe Manchin or some liberal academic or talking head who turns right, like Glenn Greenwald). Their guiding ethos is not journalistic but political: to advance one party and creed and work their readers and viewers into a constant state of agitation about the other party and creed…

The mainstream media, in contrast, do not speak with one very partisan voice; they speak in many voices—critically, including many non-polemical ones. Their guiding ethos is not political but journalistic…

When The New York Times or CNN or MSNBC gets a scoop about serious corruption in the Biden administration, they pursue the lead and, if verified, report it. If Fox got such a scoop about Donald Trump … well, it’s conceivable that there’s someone left there who wants to do real journalism and who might pursue it. I wish that person luck, though, in getting it on the air. And even if Fox were forced to report it, they’d quickly find ways to rebut it…

And in the mainstream media? Yes, Biden gets credit for things, but the mainstream media do not speak with one voice as the right-wing media do. So, to the loud and bumptious anti-Biden chorus that blames him for everything bad, there is no equally loud and bumptious pro-Biden answering chorus speaking as one and giving him credit for everything good.

The entire article goes on and on like this. It’s a window into the minds of the people who work in liberal media, apparently completely unaware that millions of people see them as nothing more than propagandists.

Who knew they were really this out of touch?



Source: The Gateway Pundit

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