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Dems led by the Squad block bill to stop terrorists, pervs from working at TSA

 Dems led by the Squad block bill to stop terrorists, pervs from working at TSA

By M. Dowlin– 

Congress passed the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act, HR1140. The bill is meant to bring the handling of TSA employees in line with other federal workers, possibly to attract new and better applicants.

An amendment was offered during the process that would require screening applicants and conducting background checks. The Amendment would have prevented people convicted of sexual assault and other violent crimes, as well as those who appear on terror watch lists, from obtaining employment at the TSA.

Most of the Democrats, 174 of them, guided by the Squad, including Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and the other two, Ayanna Pressley and AOC, voted against the amendment and defeated it.

The amendment was authored by a Democrat, Illinois Rep. Lauren Underwood.

Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy responded:

“[The amendment] was pulled back by leadership because the socialist wing of the party did not want to have that amendment go forward on this bill,” the California representative said Thursday, according to the Washington Free Beacon. “When it was offered, overwhelmingly the majority of the House would like to see the TSA not hire terrorists or those who have been convicted of sexual misconduct with minors and others. But the socialist wing of the party, that controls now the Democratic Party, said that that could not be offered.”

One would like to know what they have been doing when they hire these people? Do they ignore their criminal backgrounds? Hire terrorists?

How could they not want to screen for these types of people?

“Despite their support for the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct, 174 House Democrats voted against an amendment to the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act that alters the way TSA disciplines and fires workers.”https://t.co/CpYXgZv1be

— Zach Parkinson (@AZachParkinson) March 6, 2020

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